Question Types

Once in the Question Editor, you can create a question by choosing the question type from the drop down menu. Below is a brief description of the question types available in the order they are presented within the console.

Question Types Description
Response List-Single Closed ended FIELD question where the respondent can only choose one response.
Numeric Range NUMERIC question used to collect numbers such as age or price.
Short Open End Controlled length VARIABLE question used for short open ends like name or address.
Open-Ended Text Open ended TEXT question.
Attribute List Groups of FIELD questions of like attributes displayed in a table format.
Numeric Constant Sum Series of NUMERIC questions that are forced to add to a certain amount.
Response List-Multiple Closed ended FIELD question where the respondent can choose multiple responses.
Display Informational screen used to display information rather than collect data.
Go To Skips to a specific question.
Terminate Forces respondent out of the questionnaire.
Mathematical Expression Arithmetic calculations where results are stored in the data using EXPRESSIONS.
Put Sample Info Writes information from the data file and writes it into the phone file.
Get Sample Info Brings information from the phone file and writes it into the data file.
Update Quota QUOTA Counters that keep track of variables across interviews.