Data Analysis

The Data Analysis feature includes many reporting options for analyzing your data. These reports can be processed off of test, live, or an assembled suspend TR file. Reports created from Verbatims, Web Tables, and On-Demand tables can be saved and security access can be assigned. Only users that have access to a specific study as well as a specific report can view that saved report. If users do not have access to a report, they will not be able to view it. Non-Survox Console users that have been granted access can view the report outside of the Console in a separate browser window using the username/password assigned to them.

Saved files produced from Verbatims, Web Tables and On-Demand tables can also be downloaded in a zipped format through Download Files. Other files produced from data utilities such as copyfile and reformat can also be downloaded through Download Files.

Reports Include:

Reports Description
Verbatims Produces open-end verbatim reports by interviewer ID or my question number.
Custom Web Tables Produces Mentor tables in a web format.
On-Demand Tables An interactive feature that produces tables with real-time results.
Data Utilities Includes:
Data Tools to convert data to other formats.
Data Conversion to generate data definition files to export to other data processing packages.
List/View Data utility to output formatted data to view, print or save.
Assemble suspends to create a TR file.
Merge Data to combine data from two different data files.
Delimited Data Output to create a comma delimited output that can be read into an Excel spreadsheet.
Upload Files Upload the necessary files for a Mentor run.
Download Files Download files produced from Data Analysis.
Review Completes View and edit completed interviews.