Add Security Type

You have the ability to create a new security type and assign specific functions to it. By doing so, the new security type will be accessible in the drop down menu and can be assigned to new or existing users. This is beneficial if you are adding multiple users and want to assign the same access to each user. Rather than manually defining access rights to each user, you can create a new security type and choose it from the drop down menu each time adding a new user.

  1. Click on the Admin Tab
  2. Click Add Security Type
  3. Name the Security Type
  4. Give it a description
  5. Specify the different security functions you want to allow this user to perform
  6. Click the “Save Security Type Details” button
Admin-Add Security Type

Default Security Types

By default, the following security types are available with each Survox Console install:

Default Security Types:

Security Profile Type Access
Custom Profile Ability to define any or all Functions
Admin/Super User Full Access to All Functions
Client Access to reporting and data functions
Functions assigned: Project Tracking, Data Analysis (Verbatims, Custom Web Tables, On-Demand Tables, Data Utilities, Download), Shared Files (Upload/Download) and Help
Coder Access to coding mode
Functions assigned: Deploy (Access Study), Data Analysis (Verbatims), Shared Files (Download) and Help
Company Administrator Full Access for Company Only
Interviewer Access to surveys for webSurvent/webCATI interviews only. (Survent interviewers will still have to login through a terminal session).
Functions assigned: Deploy (Access Study) and Help
Monitor Access to Monitoring Capability
Functions assigned: Manage (Monitor and Stations), Help
Programmer Ability to write and compile survey specs
Functions assigned: Project Creation (New Project), Project Setup, Deploy, Project Tracking, Data Analysis, Shared Files and Help
Project Manager Ability to create and manage a project
Functions assigned: Project Creation (New Project, Archives), Project Setup, Deploy, Project Tracking, Data Analysis (Verbatims, Custom Web Tables, On-Demand Tables, Data Utilities, Review Completes), Shared Files and Help
Supervisor Ability to run reports and manage sample/quotas
Functions assigned: Project Setup (Create Sample, Test), Deploy, Manage, Project Tracking, Data Analysis (Verbatims, Custom Web Tables, On-Demand Tables, Data Utilities), Shared Files (Download) and Help
CanDoAll Full access to all functions needed for a Qualtrics integration


The following Functions can be specified when assigning a Security Type:

Parameter Description
Admin Add New User, Edit User, Add Security Type, Edit Security Type, Add Client, Edit Client, Customize Interface, Customize Logo, Customize Background, Customize Fonts and View Logs, Setup Shop and Run Concurrency Counts.
Project Creation Create New Project, View / Edit Project, Copy Project and Archive Projects.
Project Setup Create/Edit Questionnaire, Upload Files, Download Files, Set Web Options such as Select Look, Create Look, Modify Index Page and Modify Web Options. It also allows you to Create Sample which includes Select Shopfile and Import Sample. You can also load a survey to test.
Deploy Take your project live, Access your study.
Manage Manage your shop and server, Study Control, Monitoring and Stations, Manage Sample and Manage Quotas.
Project Tracking Dashboards by Study, by Interviewer and Quota, Session Reports, Markets, Phone Reports, Quota Reports, Sample Call Availability and Web Response.
Data Analysis Verbatims, Web Tables, On Demand Tables, Data Utilities such as Copyfile and Reformat, Upload Files, Download Files and View Completed Interviews.
Shared Files Allows users to share files.
Help Email Support and Access Online Documentation.

Video on adding a security type