Problems with system updates

If the OS updates fail to include anything that the Survent software requires, the failure could be due to two reasons.

  1. You could have obtained the wrong Survent software package for your OS. Run “uname -a” and verify that the kernel version and the hardware type of your system match the Survent package.
  2. There may be required libraries that were not installed. You can run the script “bin/checklib” to get a list of require libraries, and any missing libraries should be flagged in the output.

If you are missing “”, you can use “yum provides \*/” to determine which packages will install it, then use “yum install” to install the missing package.

Do this for every missing library. When there are no more missing libraries shown by the “bin/checklib” script, perform one final check by running go/macaddr”.

Issues Installing the Survent software

The installer may not be able to download a temporary validate file from Survox, depending on your firewalls. You can obtain a real validate file from Support.