Introduction – What is Survent?

Survent is a computer-aided interviewing software package. Interviews are conducted on personal computers which may be connected by a network for supervisor, quota control and phone management or on terminals on larger systems.

Survent is designed for advanced telephone interviewing, sample and quota management, sound recording, and for interviewing in shopping malls, stores, or at conventions. It is a sophisticated and flexible software program that can be used for a variety of research functions. In this documentation, the name Survent is used when referring to the overall package (and the individual program as well). Individual program names are used for specific references to programs (i.e., Survent or PREPARE).

How Survent Works

Using a text editor or Quick Survent and the Survent or Mentor PREPARE module, the spec writer is able to format and compile the questionnaire to exact specifications without extensive experience. The compiled questionnaire is tested for details, such as logic conditions and screen formatting. If you are using a shared files system, all data and quota controls are centrally stored and accessed.

There is a quota management and phone sample management control system you can use with Survent.

The documentation is organized to help you understand the Survent process, from the initial setting up of the questionnaire, to testing questionnaire specs through actual interviewing.

It is a detailed guide to the specifics required for successful questionnaire design and interviewing. This is not a step-by-step introductory guide. It is a reference tool to be used by both beginners and advanced users with syntax and examples.