Kinesis Survey Requirements

When the Kinesis survey is set up for the Survox | Kinesis integration, there are a few things that must be done with the survey.

    1. Create Project – My Survey Project – New survey project
      1. Enter Survey Name
      2. Enter Jobcode
        1. This is optional but if entered it will be used as the study code in the Survox Console
      3. Under Edit survey properties – Set “Allowed Survey Access Methods” to Invitation
      4. If linking to a Kinesis panel survey the access method must be set to Panel and Invitation
      5. Set “Enable restart button” to No
      6. Set “When backing automatically delete old answers” to No
    2. Create Survey – Survey Functions – Survey Editor
      1. Add questions for data points (Embedded data) (See below for more information)
        1. Make them text questions
        2. Set “Hide question text” to Yes
        3. Set “Is answer required” to No
        4. All question labels must begin with an upper case “Q”
      2. Once question is added click on the question on the next screen
      3. Click Advanced Properties
      4. Check “Prepopulate from url”
      5. Check “From value or condition”
      6. Set “Default answer value” to Web
      7. Set “Display to respondent” to “When default answer is not found”
      8. Click update question
      9. On the next screen click Survey Functions
      10. Click “Prepopulate data” “From url”
      11. Enter the variable name into URL parameter
        1. Set both “Enable and Force Parameter” to Yes
        2. Data from the Survox sample file will have lower case variables
          1. The only exception is SurveyType since it is not stored in Survent sample
      12. Add additional questions as needed
        1. There is an icon on the right of the main survey editor screen that allows you to insert page breaks between questions.  Click on the “P”.
        2. We recommend putting a page break between the data point (embedded data) questions and the real survey questions.

Using Data Points

Data points is any extra information you would like recorded in addition to the question responses in the Kinesis survey data. It can be used to store information such as sample fields or information passed back to Kinesis using a URL.

NOTE1: You must always have a data point called QSurveyType to pass back the value of the Survox mode of the survey.  This will enable you to keep track of the mode if you are using multi-mode solutions for your Kinesis survey.

Potential Errors

  1. Error: “Apologies, the survey cannot be accessed at this time.“
    1. 2 Potential Causes
      1. The survey method is not set to invitation
        1. Set the survey access method to invitation
      2. The embedded data is not set up correctly. It is trying to pass data through the url that the survey does not know what to do with.
        1. Make sure the Prepopulate data step up has not been skipped
  2. Error if survey is not set for invitation or embedded data fields are not set correctly. Apologies, the survey cannot be accessed at this time.
    1. If you are seeing this error message, it is likely that you attempted to access a survey with an invalid link.
    2. If you were emailed the survey link, please make sure the link did not wrap to multiple lines.
    3. You may manually cut & paste the link to the address field in your browser.
    4. Be careful to cut & paste the entire link unmodified.
    5. If this does not help, you most likely have been sent an invalid link.
    6. If this is the case please contact the party who sent you the link.
    7. If you accessed this survey via a link placed on a web site, please notify the webmaster about this problem.
    8. Please provide this case number when contacting support: CFMC-001369

See Kinesis documentation for more information.