Write your QPX to a File

After you have finished designing your questions, you will need to compile the questionnaire to check for syntax errors. You can compile your questionnaire first by writing your QPX.  This will write out your questionnaire, all syntax included, and will check for compile errors. If there are no compile errors, your questionnaire will be written out to a QPX Viewer on the right side of the screen.

You cannot modify the questionnaire in the QPX viewer. However, once the questionnaire is written out, you have the ability to Download the QPX to your machine or Save the QPX.

NOTE: You must save the QPX.  Saving the questionnaire will generate the appropriate files needed for interviewing.

If you do receive compile errors, a separate pop-up window containing an ERROR LOG will be displayed indicating what the errors are. To fix your errors, you will need to edit your questionnaire, make the appropriate changes and write out your qpx again.

  1. Click the “Write QPX” tab
  2. Select the mode you wish to write the questionnaire out to from the QPX File Options drop down menu, only if the project is multi-mode
  3. If the project is single-mode the drop down menu will default to that mode
  4. This will check for any syntax errors
  5. If you do have errors, they will be displayed in a pop-up ERROR LOG box
  6. If there are errors, they will need to be corrected and the QPX written out again
  7. The questionnaire will automatically open in the QPX viewer on the right hand side of the screen when there are no errors


In this example, the ERROR LOG shows that there were compile errors.