Allows a user to manage their shop, a specific study, interviewers, sample, quotas, and dialer.

Feature Description
Shop and Server Gives users control over shop related tasks such as, starting and stopping the study server, modifying the Employee Roster, setting default sample options, and controlling shopwide dialer parameters.
Study Control Manage projects including activating and deactivating a study to allow you to make changes, shutting down a study to temporarily remove interviewer access, and controlling study specific dialer parameters.  You can also manage IVR studies.
Monitoring and Stations Start and stop interviewing stations as well as visually monitor interviewing sessions. You can also use this feature to change an interviewer to another study or assign a different interviewing mode, stop stations, clear stations, or send messages to interviewers.  If you are using the Survox Dialer you can also audio monitor interviewing sessions.
Manage Sample Manage Sample for a live study including converting sample, hiding and revealing sample, listing sample, listing suspends, modifying the phone file parameters and setting markets to name a few.
Manage Quotas Displays as well as modify different types of quotas whether you are using named or numbered quotas.
Survox Dialer  Displays the Survox Dialer console if it’s installed on the server.