Project Setup

Project Setup helps to setup your project for live interviewing.

You have 2 options when it comes to programming your questionnaire:

  1. Use the Create-Edit Questionnaire option which will bring you directly into quickSurvent. In quickSurvent, you can use point and click methodology to design and create your questionnaire.
  2. Program your questionnaire in an editor and use the Upload Files option to upload it into the Console. The questionnaire will be compiled at the time of the upload.

In Project Setup, you can:

Feature Description
Overview Page Progress tracker of the study.
Create/Edit Questionnaire Use the quickSurvent interface to create your own questionnaire.
Upload Files Upload a pre-existing questionnaire as well as project related files;
i.e. questionnaire files, sample files, web related files etc.
Download Files Download live or test sample files, general web files, webCATI and webSurvent
questionnaire related files.
Modify Web Options Select an existing theme for a webSURVENT or webCATI survey, create
your own theme or customize the settings on the index page.
Create Sample Allows you to manipulate sample by reading in an ascii fone file, import and define locations for a fone file format, edit shopfile parameters and create fone file indexes.
Test Copies study files onto the server and appends “_test” to them for testing.