Set Phone Parameters

When setting phone parameters, you can assign and save calling parameters for a particular job or type of job. For example, the calling parameters for a daytime (business study) would be very different from the calling parameters for an evening (residential study). Here you can create separate parameter files to differentiate between the two. Once you create and save these parameter files, you can access them during the import sample process for phone studies.

Knowledge of the phone parameter options is a must before creating new parameter files!

  1.  Click on the Manage Tab
  2. Select Shop and Server
  3. Click Set Phone Parameters
  4. Select a parameter file from the drop down menu to start with
  5. Click the “Load Parameters” button
    1. This will load up the parameters and pre-fill the options
  6. Make appropriate changes
  7. Enter a name for your parameter file in the Save As box
  8. Click the “Save” button to save your changes
  9. To discard your changes, click the “Reset” button

Manage-Shop _ Server-Set Phone Params(2)


Video on creating default phone parameter shopfiles