Numbered Quotas

Use this option to view or modify existing numbered quotas. Numbered quotas are often used when there are an excess of 1000 named quotas. The numbering scheme allows you to view up to 2 billion different combinations. You can only use this option with a project that has been built with numbered quotas.

Display Options

When specifying numbered quotas, you need to enter the starting quota number and ending quota number that you want to view.

  1. Click on the Manage Tab
  2. Click Manage Quotas
  3. Click Numbered
  4. Select a project from the drop down menu
  5. Click the “Manage Numbered Quotas” button
  6. Click the radio button for the options that you want to use to display or modify
  7. Click the “OK” button
  8. The numbered quotas in the specified range will display on the screen
  9. Make appropriate changes
  10. The quotas may span several pages
    1. Click the “Next Screen”, “Previous Screen”, “First Screen”, or “Last Screen” radio buttons to maneuver through multiple pages
    2. Click the “Finished” radio button when all changes have been made
  11. Click the “OK” button
  12. A confirmation message will appear on the screen
  13. Click the “Send Changes” radio button to send your changes to the server
  14. To discard your changes, click the “Do NOT Send Changes” radio button