PHONE Statements

PHONE statements are commands that interact with the fone file or dialer. When using the phone system, the questionnaire must include PHONE statements. It may also include functions or other statements related directly to the phone system.

The syntax for the PHONE statement is:


NOTE: There are PHONE statements under the Phone Number Retrieval section in which at least one of them is required.  You can have more than one of them within your spec but at least one is necessary.  They all retrieve a phone number in different ways and further information on them can be found within the Phone Number Retrieval section below.  They are all marked as “Required”.

Phone Statement Category Subtype Description
Call History CALL_NOTE Moves information from the data record to the “call note” area for this call.
  ERASE_ALL_CALL_HISTORIES Re-Initializes a phone number, taking the current record and making it look as if it were a fresh number.
  ERASE_CURRENT_CALLHISTORY Erases the history for the current call (saves the number without a history for this call) even though you gave it a status to move it to some other calling stack.
  SHOW_CALL_HISTORIES Gets and shows the phone history and any suspend text if a number has been retrieved with an earlier required PHONE statement.
Dialer DIAL_NUMBER Sends a number to the dialer to be called.
  DIALER_STATUS_IF_OFF_HOOK Used with a dialer to tell Survent what to do if the dialer has sent an interviewer a CONNECTED call and the phone is on-hook (hung up).
  DIALER_WARN_IF_OFF_HOOK Used with a dialer to tell Survent what to do if the dialer has sent an interviewer a CONNECTED call and the phone is off the hook.
  GET_HELD_IN Used with IVR Blended calling to check for a waiting call and connect that call to an interviewer.
  HAND_DIAL The interviewer is presented with a telephone number on the computer screen and instructed to dial the number on a separate, physical phone.
  HANG_UP Causes the current Survent session to send a message to the dialer to hang up the phone call.
Interviewer Mode ASSIGN_CURRENT_INTERVIEWER_OWNER Assigns ownership of a phone number to the current interviewer.
ASSIGN_NEW_INTERVIEWER_OWNER Programmatically executes the NEWOWNER keyword for Ownership mode.
OVERRIDE_OWNERSHIP Programmatically executes the OVERRIDE keyword for Ownership mode
OWNER_OFF Clears Ownership mode in the phone record and sets the current owner to blanks.
ASSIGN_SPECIAL_TYPE Sets the special interviewer type in the phone record.
Markets ASSIGN_MARKET_WEIGHT Sets the market weight.
CHANGE_MARKET Used to change a number from one market to another.
Number Handling ADD_NEW_NUMBER Writes a new phone record to the phone file via the Survox server with information you specify.
  CHANGE_NUMBER Replaces the phone number in the phone file with the one found in the question or data location referenced.
  SET_CALL_STATUS Specifies the status code for the current phone record when it is put back in the phone file.
Phone Number Retrieval ALLOW_TO_GET_RECORD_TYPE Allows you to get numbers that are not allowed by default when using PHONE,GET_SPECIFIC_NUMER to get specific numbers.
GET_AND_STATUS_NUMBER Gets and displays the phone number, its call history and the default status screen.
Required GET_FROM_MARKET Used to call a number in the market specified.
Required GET_NUMBER Standard way of getting a phone number.
Required GET_NUMBER_AND_DIAL This gets a phone number to be dialed by an automatic dialer.
Required GET_SPECIFIC_NUMBER Prompts for and retrieves a phone number.
Sample Info GET_PHONE_INFORMATION Gets information from the phone record and writes it into the data record.
  PUT_PHONE_TEXT Moves information from the data record and writes it into the phone text area.
Suspends GET_SUSPEND_FILE_NAME Gets the name of the suspend file written to the data file to be used.
SHOW_SUSPEND_TEXT Shows the suspend text if the call had been suspended on the previous call.
START_RESUMEABLE_INTERVIEW This is used with the PHONE,GET_NUMBER or PHONE,GET_SPECIFIC_NUMBER if you allow suspending of interviews.