Verbatims also known as open-ends, can be accessed through the Data Analysis Tab. After answering project specific questions, you can create verbatim listings quickly.  Through this menu option, you also have the ability to save your specifications for future runs or to use previously saved specifications. Once a report is run and saved, you have the ability to view it through the View Reports feature.

There are 2 Ways to print Verbatims:

Display by Question:
Displaying verbatims by question will print verbatims answers by question. Therefore each caseid and response will appear below the question.

Display by Caseid:
Displaying verbatims by caseid will print verbatims answers under each caseid. Therefore each variable and response will appear under each caseid.

Features include:

Function Description
Run Allows you to run the verbatims.
View Allows you to view saved verbatims.


Video on running a Verbatim listing