The Quota Report enables users to run a report on the current quota values. The report produced is based on the information from the quota file. This report displays current counts and calculates balance needed for each quota cell created in the survey.

The report can only be run on studies that use Target quotas, not on studies that use Set Quotas or Numbered Quotas.

You can run the report using Test or Live data. The information included in the Quota Report is different for cati, webCATI and webSurvent surveys and there are 2 different Quota Reports – basic and expanded. You can choose to sort the results alphabetically.

  1. Click on the Project Tracking Tab
  2. Click Quota
  3. Select a study from the drop down menu
  4. Select Test or Live data
  5. Select a Basic or Expanded report
  6. Select Sort Results to see the quotas listed alphabetically
  7. De-Select Sort Results to see the quotas as listed in the order the quotas were created in your questionnaire
  8. Click the “Get Quota Report” button
  9. Report will open up in a popup window
  10. You can view the report results by clicking on the hyperlinks listed under View Reports
  11. Available files for download will appear on the screen
  12. You can click the “Check All” box to select all the files, the “Uncheck All” box to deselect all the files, or you can select the specific file hyperlink that you want to download
  13. These files will be automatically compressed and saved as a zip file
  14. Click the “Download” button to download the file


Basic Quota Report Example



Basic Quota Report Information Includes: 

Variable Definition
Quota Name Quota name defined in the questionnaire
Target Goal for each quota group
Completes Number of completes
Percent Complete Shows the percent complete by dividing completes by the balance needed
Resettable Quota Displays current resettable quota value
Balance Needed Balance needed for each quota group

Expanded Quota Report Example



Expanded Quota Report Information Includes:

Variable Definition
Quota Name Quota name as defined in the questionnaire
Target Target # completes for each quota group
Completes Number of completes so far
Percent Complete Target divided by # completes so far
Resettable Quota Current resettable quota value
Balance Needed Target minus completes
Completes Per Hour # completes/total time on project
# Resolved per Complete Total resolved numbers / completes in group (“Hit rate”)
Sample Needed To Finish Amount of sample needed to finish the project
Hours To Finish Estimate of hours it will take to finish the project at the current pace
Sample Information Summary of the sample information for the project


Video on running the quota reports