Dialer Commands


Tell current dialer status – which dialers are running and how many interviewers are running under it.


Show numbers by study under dialers.  By default, this displays the total number of users on a specific study, how many are on a dialer and how many are on which dialer if you have multiple dialers.


SUM <study>

You can modify the display so that a name appears at the top of the headings instead of #1, #2, etc. for the dialers. Do this by adding a five-character name to the end of the DIALER##: line for each dialer in the PARMFILE. If you specify SUMMARY <study>, you get a list of the live stations running <study>, with their interviewer ids and supervisors <study>.


Send message to the dialer to pause dialing.

Ping Dialer # Handshake

Send message to dialer and get a return, if no return dialer is down.


Send message to the dialer to resume dialing.


Sends a command to a particular dialer.

SERVER:DIALER:1 CLOSE Close the dialer and dialer port
SERVER:DIALER:2 INIT Initialize the dialer interface
SERVER:DIALER:3 WIPEOUT Severs all connections to the dialer

Server:>Dump N

Make the Survox server ignore time differences with the dialer.  Otherwise, you must synch the time on the Survox server and dialer computers so that calltimes are correct.


Send message to the dialer to stop dialing.