Merge Data

The Merge Data feature allows the user to run the merge utility. It combines data from matching cases in two different data files. Data can be appended to the end of the case or moved to a different location. You can use MERGE to select cases from one data file without moving any data from the other file. You also have the ability to download the output file to your desktop.

NOTE: Knowledge of the Merge utility is required.  See (Utilities, Merge) for more information.

Merge Data Requirements

When running merge, anything in blue or anything that says “required” is required information. You will choose the input and import types of files before choosing any other input requirements. You can also choose a saved Merge spec that will automatically use previously defined input requirements. Once the input and import files are chosen, click on “Look Up Files” to look up the actual files needed.


Once the files are looked up, you will start choosing other requirements. You will choose which actual input and import files to use from the dropdown boxes, the match keys to use from both the input and the import files, the types of cases to write out, and the types of cases to print out.

Duplicate Options will also need to be chosen.


Move Data Options are optional and are not required. You can move up to 10 data locations from the import file to the output file.


Output Files

The output type is required, either a TR file or a Fixed Width ASCII file. An output file name is required. The name is automatically given as <study>_merge_date. And an output file length is required.



Summary of Merge Choices

At the bottom is a table that will show you what options were chosen. If all looks correct, run the merge utility by clicking on the “Run Merge” button. If you want to save the options to a merge spec to be used again, click on the “Save Merge Spec” and this will save the options to a file. If you want to save the spec, an output name of <study>_merge.spx is given and by clicking on the “Save File” button, the spec will be saved and the merge utility will be run.


Downloading Output Files

The files can be downloaded in a zipped file format by clicking the file and then clicking the “Download” button. To deselect the files, click the ‘Uncheck All’ link at the bottom of the screen. When finished, the file will be downloaded to a zip file in the following format: Click the “Download” button to download the files to your desktop.

Video on Merging Data