On-Demand Tables

The On-Demand Tables tool is an interactive feature that produces tables using your data file or fone file. These tables are viewable through a browser. You can set up On-Demand Tables to run quick cross tabs between variables crossing multiple questions at a time. When defining a table, choose the columns and rows you want to report on. If you do not choose a column, the report will run off of the Total column.

Other options such as basing, weighting, frequencies, percentages and statistical testing are also available. You have the ability to control the style and look of your On-Demand Tables through the Select Look option under Project Setup.

A Table of Contents with corresponding links is produced at the beginning of each table set.

Features include:

Function Description
Run Allows you to run the on-demand tables.
View Allows you to view saved on-demand tables.



Video on running On-Demand tables