Control Statements

There are several question types that are called control statements. These serve many functions necessary for the interviewing process. The specific syntax, available subtypes and options vary for each control statement and will be described accordingly in their specific sections.

Call Questionnaires  – Allow each main questionnaire to have sub-questionnaires that can be called several times during the interview session.

Disk-Based Field Questions – Allow you to have an unlimited response list set up in levels, and allow you to modify the list while interviewing is in progress.  These are used for FIELD questions.

Edit Statements  – Let interviewers edit text from TEXT and VARIABLE questions using a full-screen or line editor.

Expression Statements  – Calculate values and return a numeric value or just write a string. You can use question labels, data, arithmetic joiners and functions.

Generate Statements  – Add or remove responses, move data or blank questions.

Goto Statements –  Used to skip to a specified question or as a place to go to.

Reset Statements – Return the interview to a previously asked question.