Voice Over Recordings

All voice over recording names (sound files) must match the question labels and can be .WAV or .MP3 files.

NOTE: We recommend using .WAV files.

For example if you have a Q1 question label then the voice over recording
should be named Q1.wav.

To Record Questions

  • Use a Microphone on your computer
  • Use a “text to speech” software
  • Use a professional 3rd party

To Upload Question Recordings

  1. Log into the Survox Console
  2. Select Survox Dialer upload from the Project Setup menuIVR_Soundfile_Upload
  3. Select IVR Files and the Dialer you wish to upload to; then click Upload Sound Files, this will open a new window
  4. If you are doing a multi-language ivr study you will need to create directories for each of the languages.
    1. click on Create Directory
    2. Enter the directory name, for example if you have your languages in the header set to “LANGUAGE=(SET=(EN FR SP))”  and English is your default then you would need an additional directory “fr” and “sp”.
    3. Do the create option for each additional language.
    4. You will then need to click on the language sub-directory that you created and follow the upload instructions for below with the files for that language.
  5. Click on the Upload File button
  6. Select the file you wish to upload, to upload multiple files to the dialer you can upload a single zip file and it will unzip after upload.
  7. Check the Verify and Convert for Asterisk (mp3 or wav only) box
  8. Click the Upload button to upload the files

NOTE: We do NOT recommend copying the files over via command line since the wrong file type and format could be used.

To Download Text Recordings

If an IVR study has open-ended TEXT questions, the respondent will need to record their answer.  Each open-ended question has it’s own question label to store the recording.  These files can be downloaded.

  1. Log into the Survox Console
  2. Click on Data Analysis then choose Survox Dialer RecordingsSurvox_Recordings
  3. Select the Environment, study and dialer and click Access Recordings and a new window will pop up.
  4. Click on the question label sub-directory
  5. Choose the recordings to download by checking each box
  6. Click on the Zip and Download button to download the files