Release Notes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.2

This is a compilation of all the defects that have been addressed for all versions of 10.2

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Dialer (CDI)/IVR 

SVD #351 – If a very large number of inbound ivr calls arrive at once many more survent processes than the max= value in the ivr control file may be started. This causes a performance issue.



SVD #349 – Hidden var questions produce a compile error if inside the ivr_block. You can now use hidden var questions within and ivr_block to store data for use within the survey.

SVD #406 – When there’s no dialer line in the parmfile that has the extension an interviewer is using an error is logged that says “no extension for ldev:(1101) so run with no dialer” but neither the interviewer nor the supervisor gets a message indicating that there is a problem. Additionally interviewers and supervisors are alerted now when this occurs. (Also fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #407 – Suspres can core dump if the response to a text question is more than 997 characters. (Also fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #411 – The phone change_number command by default changes the time zone to match that of the new area code. It sometimes assigns an incorrect time zone. (Also fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #454 – When using !edit on a text it would sometimes get random values for col= and row=.

SVD #446 (bz3160) – The “asked” rotate_order option would fail and although the data showed all questions asked that was not correct.

SVD #445 (bz1415)  – The xf(maser_quota) “modify” option has been deprecated and removed.

SVD #444 (bz2446)  – a \:: reference to a DBR question causes an infinite loop in survent.

SVD #445 (bz1415)  – The xf(maser_quota) “modify” option has been deprecated and removed.

SVD #442 (bz1100)  – Warning on prepare if’s that may not produce expected results.

SVD #441 (bz1318)  – The cfmc_case_id variable was not treated as special when used on a field_def. It is now being put in column 25.10

SVD #434 – !Phone,transfer from within an IVR would work on the first call but fail on subsequent calls.

SVD #421 – Smart RDG only_answer keyword works for a few iterations then starts only sending blank.

SVD #419 – Smart RDG rank_with_dont_know using !num questions would core dump.

SVD #418 – Smart RDG constant_sum would get error_cfmc 1001 is to many tries

SVD #417 – Smart RDG would get blow 918 rdgc error ranking on !num questions.

SVD #416 – Smart RDG without tries= would not fulfill the keyword on the first try.

SVD #413 – Smart RDG ranktop would core dump if you base it on a numeric question.

SVD #409 – CATI interviewing would ignore schedule_within_dayparts_only: no and the survent session would hang.

SVD #302 – Aborting and interview in an Online survey without setting a call status would set the status to 1, this has been corrected and if there is not a status set it is set to 183.


Survox Console 

SVD #166 – List files generated by Survsupr that appear in the Console are easier to read

SVD #270 – Composer syntax for rotating a response list has been updated to newer syntax

SVD #344 – IVR_CONTROL update with missing sound files improved messaging in Survox Console

SVD #429 – Cannot close shop after midnight. – Now allowed and a new warning will be displayed.

SVD #425 – Multimode CATI/Online study had the wrong landing page.

SVD #424 – Console running verbatims DB file in data directory was pointing to the wrong place.

SVD #414 – Reviewed field subtypes in the composer and added missing subtypes.

SVD #307 – Importing csv sample in the console with quotes in the csv header would fail, we now produce and error if you have quotes in the header or the csv file.


Phone System (Fonebuld/Foneutil)

SVD #386 – When creating a phone file using a header option of CALLER_ID_LOCation_width, fonebuld adds additional dialer_USERDATA_LOCation_width commands to the header.  The phone file builds without error, but using the header to build another file gets errors. (Also Fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #440 (bz1059)  – The stack= parameter was not being checked for legal values. The four valid keywords are emailsend, emailrem, targeted, and callnow, any other keyword will result in an error.



SVD #432 – Long text line in banner could cause errors or freeze the system process.

SVD #431 – Reformat with use_response_text would error and core dump.



SVD #443 – Quotamod screen screen changed to better handle long quota names.


Core Software

SVD #119 – Error checking for .dial file.  Additional checking is done to verify the keywords and not allow duplicate settings.

SVD #281 – If the remove_study command is used to clear a study from the Survox dialer when in fact interviewers are active on that study, it hangs up the phone and leaves the interviewers in an odd state that can cause them to hang waiting for timeout commands and will give them an out of numbers message if they try to start another interview.

SVD #344 – IVR_CONTROL update with missing sound files need improved messaging in command line supervisor

SVD #408 – Phone_change_time_zone fails on study code greater than 20 characters. (Also fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #409 – With schedule_within_dayparts_only set to no in the parmfile, in webCATI you still cannot schedule a callback outside of a closed daypart.  Interviewer will get warnings but no option to confirm yes/no.  If you click next, the Survent session hangs until you get a gateway timeout. (Also fixed in 8.8.21)

SVD #412 – makecfg show studies can show active sessions even after stations have all been cleared and the study server was restarted.

SVD #452 – ivrcontrolfile update in super will get unhelpful error with study type mismatch.

SVD #439 – Using phone_add in survsupr to add records does not detect duplicate records or time zones.  It now correctly detects duplicate records.

SVD #433 – Survsupr doesn’t get an error in batch mode when the daylight adjustment interrupts the job flow. (This caused failures in the Survox Console Commands as well)

SVD #426 – Special_only_special=yes was not being honored when dialing targeted numbers.