View Logs

Allows users to view and/or download logs files for a specific date range, a specific time range or cumulative logs.

Log Files Available

The following log files are available for downloading through this feature. You can only download one type of log file at a time.

Logs Available Description
Study Server Logs Shows all activity under the server – LL* Logs
Portal Logs Shows all Survox Console transactions. Each portal server process (portsrvd) maintains a log file of all scripts that are run through it. – portsrv Logs
Supervisor Logs Shows interactions between the supervisor and server. – SU* Logs
Dialer Traffic Logs Log of all feedback from dialers.
Survox Dialer Logs Log of all activity under the dialer – DI* Logs
Browser Page Logs Log of all interactions with the “cgi” script outside of Survent. This includes the time, event type, study, password, respondent name, IP address and type of browser. – CGI Hitlog
Interviewer Logs Shows all activity by interviewers under the server, time in interview, phone statuses, time on completes, etc.
Survey Playback Files            Shows all interviewer responses in a format that can be played back to reproduce the interview.

View and Download Log Files

  1. Click the Admin Tab
  2. Click View Logs
  3. Select the environment from the drop down menu
  4. Select the log you want to view
  5. Choose your date range
  6. Click the “Look for Selected Logs” button
  7. Available logs for download will appear on the screen
  8. You can click the “Check All” box to select all the logs, the “Uncheck All” box to deselect all the logs, or you can select the specific log file hyperlinks that you want to download
  9. These files will be automatically compressed and saved as a zip file
  10. Click the “Download” button to download the file