Advanced Prepare Specifications

You will find detailed information on the advanced features of using Prepare.

Compiler Commands – Compiler Commands control questionnaire functions.

Control Statements – Control Statements serve many functions necessary for the interviewing process.  This includes the following question types: Call Questionnaires, Disk-Based Field Questions, Edit statements, Expressions, Generates, Goto statements, and Reset statements.

Meta Commands – Meta Commands are high-level commands, many of which work in both Survent and Mentor.

Quota Statements – Quota Statements are incrementing counters that are kept across interviews (on a stand-alone PC), and across interviewers (in a shared files environment).

Rotations – Rotations are Rotate Compiler Commands that create blocks of questions or response codes that will be presented to the interviewer or respondent in a different order for each interview.

Special Information Statements – Special Information statements are used to share information with systems outside of the interview, or to perform special functions during the interview.

System Statements – System statements are used to access outside systems and allow you to escape from the Survent program to execute outside programs, use operating system commands, or talk to the modem port in DOS or UNIX.