Logs and CDR

The Survox Dialer Console allows you to search the Asterisk CDR records, get graphic reports of the CDR, and view dialer logs.

Asterisk CDR

NOTE: The CDR options are not active by default and require a cron job be put in place.  If you are wanting to add cdr options to your dialer please contact Survox support.

This option allows you to search your Asterisk CDR records by day and or keywords or phone number.

Asterisk CDR Stats (Graphs)

This option allows you to run reports for a specific date that will display as a graph.  Options are dials per hour, answers per hour, no answers per hour, connect rate per hour, concurrent calls per hour or concurrent calls for specific hour.  Choose a specific hour in the drop down box and select your options to display the graph.


Dialer Logs

This options allows  you to access the dialer logs.  You can send the logs to the Survox FTP site, delete individual logs, or zip and download the log files. You can also archive logs to an archive folder created when the Survox Dialer Console is installed.

di logs