Archive Project

Archiving a project will take all of the relevant files and directories associated with a project and zip them up into an archive folder. This process removes the folders, subfolders and files off of the system for use at a later time. You can archive any project to which you have access. The list will display in the accordion type menu, select a client by clicking the arrow next to the client name.  You many archive multiple projects by selecting the checkbox next to the project name.  However, the project can only be archived if it is not live; (there are no interviewers in it).  

  1. Click on the Project Creation tab
  2. Click Archives
  3. Click Archive Project
  4. Select a study or studies from the accordion type menu by client
  5. Click the “Archive” button


Archive Multiple Studies

Results Screen

When you have successfully archived your project(s), you will receive a message on the screen indicating the project has been successfully archived. A zipped file will be created. To download the file, click the hyperlink.

Archive Results Message

Archive Errors

There are several reasons why you may receive error or warning messages on the screen when trying to archive your project. Some examples may include: when some of the files that are to be archived cannot be found, when the study.fon file is in use or when the study is deactivated with active sessions existing.  Another example may include too many suspend files.

Where archived files are stored

When archiving a project, a zip file will be created which includes all of the relevant files from the study directory as well as the web area for that study. The zip file created can be found in the $CFMC/archive directory and will have the following format: