Survox Console

Welcome to the Online Documentation for the Survox Console, the all-in-one interface to Survox data collection and analysis software. The Survox Console consists of several components to help you create, launch, track and analyze your data. The Survox Console interface to Survox software finds new efficiencies by making it easier for you to create, control and manage research operations.

  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Internet Explorer (v10+)
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari


Below is a brief description of each component:

Component Description
Admin Set up users, assign user access, companies, customize the user interface and more.
Project Creation          Start a project, archive a project, edit project access.
Project Setup Quick Start projects, upload/download project files, create sample, test projects.
Deploy Put a project up in test or live mode, access webSurvent and webCATI jobs.
Manage Add sample, activate-deactivate projects, assign interviewers, manage sample and quotas.
Project Tracking Interviewer Dashboards, productivity reports for Web and CATI surveys, sample reports, and interview monitoring.
Data Analysis Web reporting including verbatims, crosstabs, and on-demand tables.
Shared Files Allows users to upload any file type they choose.
Help How-to guides to doing anything you need to do in the console.