Study Commands


Makes the study active for WebSurvent.


ACTIVATE <studyname>


Clears a study from the dialer even if the study server is not aware of that study on the dialer.


CLEAR_STUDY_ON_DIALER <dialer #> <studyname>

Dialer number is optional unless the study is loaded on multiple dialers.  You cannot clear the study from the dialer if a different study 
server if a different study server is accessing that study.


Deactivate shuts down an individual study temporarily while the study server is still running.


DEACTIVATE <studyname>


Display Information on Studies Lists all known (active) studies and whether a study requires a phone file. It will also list studies used by other servers.


DIS <studyname> 
DIS <studyname pattern>

DIS does pattern matching on study names, as well. If you type DIS D* you will see only the studies that start with a “D”. You can use “#” to match numeric digits and “?” to match numbers or alpha characters.

Explanation of information displayed.

  • Study: the study name
  • quo Y/N: indicates whether or not a quota file is being used with this study.
  • fon Y/N: indicates whether or not a phone file is being used with this study.
  • #ints: indicates the number of interviewers currently active on the study.
  • #sts: indicates the number of interviews started so far on the study.
  • #comp: indicates the number of completed interviews so far on the study.
  • total intv hours: indicates the total time on interviews by all interviewers so far on the study.
  • cmplt hours: indicates the total time on completes by all interviewers so far on the study.
  • super hours: indicates the total time supervisors have been active on the study.
  • Total: sum of values for all studies and how many studies.

Specifying LP or LP! at the end of the command will send a copy of the screen to the file indicated on a previous LPDEV command.

The default DIS screen is updated every 15 seconds with new interviewer information as long as DASHBOARD:NO is not set in your PARMFILE.

Down_Study (Down)

Stops an active study and close study files.  This is used to bring a study down even if the program thinks there are still interviewers working on it. Use this only after clearing stations and trying SDS (shut_down_study). This will close any of that study’s files left open so they may be accessed by other programs.


DOWN_STUDY <studyname>

Load_Study (Load)

Loads a study under the server.  It enables you to load studies under the server. Note that a study will also load automatically when you use any other study related command (eg. START, MPF, QSS, SPI). Use this command if you just want to load the study files so they are protected from overwrites and logged as being active.


LOAD_STUDY <study name/name pattern>

If you specify a “name pattern”, loadstudy will try to open all studies that meet that file pattern that it finds in the $cfmc/QFF file area.

The pattern can include “*” for matches to “all”, “?” to match single characters, and “#” to match numbers.hey like. If the number specified is negative, the number will be used, but no message will be sent to the supervisor.


Clears all access to study files without having to bring the server down to get access to a study or file.




Clear a study from the study server and dialer. This clears the study and releases it from the dialer even if dialer communications are down.



This does the same as SERVER:CLEARSTUDY except it does the additional work to release the study from dialer interactions and logging off the server dispatcher if you are using it.


Stops an inactive study or drops a study from active memory. When interviewers quit working on a study, the study’s files are still open by SERVER until the study is shut down by SURVSUPR (or the SERVER is taken down). Using the SDS command allows the supervisor to close all the files and start up another study.


SDS <study names or numbers/file pattern/ALL>



Studies can be removed by specifying the range of study numbers (i.e., 1-5) or “study name, study name” (i.e., exam2, bank), or by using the wildcard character “*” , or ALL to remove all studies.


SDS Bank*

This will shut down all studies beginning with Bank.


Displays information from the studies file (STUDIES6), from the supervisor’s own storage, and from the server about the specified study.  It displays the same information as the DIS command, plus total time information.


STUDY <studyname>