Release Notes/Bug Fixes

This is a compilation of all the defects that have been addressed for all versions of 8.8.X.

To see the list of enhancements, go here in the documentation: 8.8 enhancements



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.5 release.

BZ #2660 – The dialer (CDI) could not properly communicate simultaneously with both an 8.6.1 and 8.8.x study server.

BZ #2665 – The study server could stop sending numbers to the dialer for all studies after a single study was shut down.

BZ #2667 – The dialer (CDI) could crash if it received messages about an extension from two different study servers.  This could happen if an interviewer without hanging up the phone moved from one server to another without getting properly logged out of the first one.



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.6 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR 

BZ #2690 – Outbound IVR was not working on some systems due to a timing issue.

BZ #2691 – Slower dialer performance can occur if there is a spike in the connect rate early on in a shift.

BZ #2738 – An interviewer is unable to leave a conference call that they have set up. This basically means that you cannot do an attended transfer of a call.



BZ #2739 – Sound files could not be properly manipulated in the Survox Dialer Console because permissions were not set correctly for the sound file directories.



BZ #2438 – If you go to a quota or phone screen in the Console, but do not submit that page, the underlying connection to the study is never closed. If you get 40 of such connections, then you can no longer get access to those screens for that study.

BZ #2647 – If you do the “fallback” option in Foneutil to convert back from daylight savings mode, under certain circumstances, records that do not observe daylight savings would end up in the error stack.

BZ #2729 – The counter for the Qualtrics interface was recording the wrong month.

BZ #2775 – The study server was generating a lot of unwanted “NEXTQDIR” debugging messages which was making the log files much larger than they previously were.


Survox Console

BZ #2466 – On several of the reporting features, if a duplicate file name was created, it caused false error messages to be generated.

BZ #2515 – Online documentation links were updated to point to the new docs site.

BZ #2753 – The console was generating the following warning in the Apache logs under certain circumstances: “array_key_exists()”.

BZ #2766 – Online documentation links had to be updated to match the layout of the new docs site.

BZ #2771 – All help/documentation links were updated with the new domain name (

BZ #2779 – The Inbound DID Configuration was fixed at a width of 10 which did not allow for some systems that require extra digits to dial in. The configuration now supports up to 15 characters.



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.7 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #2692 – An outbound IVR study does not notify the Supervisor when it is out of numbers and the study automatically shuts down.

BZ #2726 – A Survox dialer cannot talk to two different study servers if each study server has the dialer defined as a different dialer number.

BZ #2869 – CallerID Name should be set to blank as in some situations the current setting is causing the Caller ID Name to be corrupted.

BZ #2870 – If a respondent immediately hangs up after answering the phone, then no DIALRESULT is sent from the Dialer to the study server which will cause target mode Survent to hang and then timeout.

BZ #2876 – Target mode set to preview should ignore No Answer Timeout.



BZ #2493 – Mentor will get a core dump when compiling an IVR spec that uses [SAMEASXX] command as the response list, if an IVR_RESPONSE compiler directive has been set up.



BZ #2451 – If you use the PHONE,GET_FROM_MARKET command to get phone numbers and you are also using special interviewer types, then one special type number can “block” numbers from a different special type.

BZ #2610 – If inside of a rotated set of questions the special block is executed and then the interview is suspended, it will lose the notion that it was in a rotate when it resumes.

BZ #2611 – A DIALRESULT of NOTDIALED returned by the MSG dialer on a targeted call gets an unknown status of 984.

BZ #2636 – If the SETQUOTA command is used to set a quota to 0 and there is no associated !Quota statement for that the quota, then you will get compile ERROR #3960.

BZ #2751 – When the CDI is stopped and restarted, the server should resend startup info when a study restarts on that dialer otherwise the CDI will reject any messages sent to it for that study.

BZ #2781 -If a supervisor is on a QSS screen and the study closes and the QSS screen times out, the quota file is not properly closed and the supervisor can no longer access that study.

BZ #2810 – If the owner ID is specified in the phone record field, it is being stripped off after column 18.

BZ #2811 – If the phone number entered in “get specific” mode is terminated with a period (.) and that number is available, Survent will immediately get a BLOW #28.

BZ #2818 – Under certain circumstances a special interviewer cannot go “get specific” and get a number of its own special type.

BZ #2829 – If a study is running in predictive mode, and a dialer gets an “OUT OF NUMBERS” message, it may get into a loop of sending “NO_SAMPLE” messages to the dialer which can noticeably slow down performance.

BZ #2836 – The Study Server can crash when a Supervisor shuts down and then tries to close a study that is already down.

BZ #2841 – The Supervisor INVRPT command can cause the study server to crash if there is a pending start command. The INVRPT command is no longer supported.

BZ #2842 – A master quota study may fail to load with the following ERROR (ERROR #9528) – LOAD BAD.

BZ #2863 – When “get specific” mode finds a duplicate, it will only display a single text field, but should display a second field as well if it is defined.

BZ #2889 – The parmfile keyword Fonebuld_Ignore_Max_Replicates does not work for records added using the Supervisor Phone_Add command.

BZ #2890 – A ‘permanent box’ on the screen is wiped out by a pop-up box, like the when to call prompt that is used when setting up a timed callback.

BZ #2892 – Survent would crash if the phone number that was asked for on the “get specific” prompt was terminated by a dot (.).

BZ #2893 – Survent can get false errors about a communication error when a Supervisor does a Gather or CHI to that station.

BZ #2895 – The Supervisor ‘snapshot’ command could not always find the fonefile to copy.

BZ #2896 – The specification of fields in a fone record for “get specific” was limited to the fone text area.

BZ #2898 – The ZSPC, ASCIIFILEIO, APPENDASCII command can write non-printing and extended ascii characters to the file.

BZ #2915 – If a rotate seed shares a location with another type of a question and you back up over that question, the data may not be restored back correctly to its original state.

BZ #2918 – Survent can get a blow if you suspend inside a rotated set of questions and then you back out of the rotate after resuming.

BZ #2952 – If the Supervisor MPF command is used in batch mode to change multiple settings, it can cause a “fast” running Survent to abort with a BLOW #203.

BZ #2953 – In certain situations, the values for the number of stations running in the different modes on the Supervisor DIS screen can become corrupted.

BZ #2954 – You can no longer have multiple study servers open up the same server dncfile.

BZ #2957 – Stations started from a Supervisor are not properly timing out after the appropriate numbers of seconds have elapsed.

BZ #2984 – The new PHONE,ADD_TO_DNC_LIST option does not properly update the index in the server dnc file.

BZ #3026 – Need Error checking so that you do not try to add records to the Server_Do_Not_Call file if it is open read_only.

BZ #3031 – Backing up over a GEN,BLANK_TEXT_POINTER (U) statement can invoke (ERROR #0) text pointer is bad.


Survox Console

BZ #2763 – The Help Tab Overview Page needs to be updated to reflect the name change to Survox.

BZ #2872 – If additional sample is loaded to an undialed fone file, then the fone file does not get properly updated in the live fone directory.

BZ #2873 – If you use the Deploy – Update Live Files option without deactivating the study first, the live files get locked.



BZ #2780 – CheckOther global function not working properly for multiple other specifies.



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.9 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #2989 – If the Dialer gets a SIP Response of 482 (Loop Detected) then it can treat it as an inbound connect which will lead to a study server crash

BZ #3106 – 8.9.x Study Server is not getting proper response from 8.8.x CDI which is causing a 10 second delay at the end of the interview



BZ #3085 – You get errors if you try to reformat using variables from a db file if the data set has its text area in the middle of the case

BZ #3086 – Mentor gets a spec error if you reference a text pointer with a data location between 32,767 and 65,535


Survox Console

BZ #1520 – Terminology on the “CLEAR” button on the Manage->Monitoring and Station->Authorize webCATI screen was ambiguous

BZ #2447 – Branding was wrong on the ADMIN page

BZ #2592 – On Project Setup Overview page the word “skin” was used instead of “theme”

BZ #2609 – Dialer Console gets an error if you try to view log files and they are in a deeper sub-directory than /home/<dirname>

BZ #2815 – In Survox Console, PROJECT SETUP -> Overview shows “Upload Sound Files” and “Create Sound Files” buttons that don’t work

BZ #3058 – Selecting a Theme for a Report results in a blank page without the Theme saved

BZ #3090 – When you choose an existing shopfile when importing sample, the dayparts and open/shut times get changed from what is specified in the shopfile



BZ #2253 –  The fonebuld option rejects_to_file option no longer works with a fully qualified name

BZ #2650 –  The message on the screen when there is a blow #208 (Station cleared by Supervisor) has been made more understandable

BZ #3001 –  If you use the Supervisor phoneadd command to add phone records, duplicate records are not properly getting assigned status 951

BZ #3004 –  Survent will get a freecore error if you try to customize error messages for the !var,e with regards to error #4477 and #4478

BZ #3015 –  Get Specific using a return code gets a blow #28 in training/practice mode

BZ #3018 –  If you use the fixresum really fixup option, then the failed_resume=restart option restarts the interview at the top rather than at the phone,start_resumeable_interview (old sub-type 9)

BZ #3043 –  Some of the HTML compiler directives can cause freecore errors if they are used inside of a “called” questionnaire

BZ #3079 –  In some cases, you can end up with “*****” in the stack number field if you reveal phone records that have -1 in the bucket number field

BZ #3089 –  DUMP switch “O1” does not by pass second confirmation prompt for taking down the studyserver

BZ #3095 –  Prepare block gets a compile error when an IF statement starts with the NOT function

BZ #3099 –  Fonebuld no longer accepts a full qualified name as the rejects to file name

BZ #3104 –  Blank Index Fields are not handled the same way using the Phone_add command in the Supervisor as they are in Fonebuld



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.10 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #2689 – Sound, Record in an IVR interview does not pay attention to the time out setting



BZ #3161 – The performance of Mentor’s input and output functions has been significantly improved

BZ #3166 – You get text pointer errors if you try to use the check command and the text area is beyond 32K

BZ #3192 – If you read multiple files into a sort routine, records with the same sort in the second file can end up before a record from the first file



BZ #2906 –  If the study server gets Error #263 (index file date doesn’t match fone file), the fnx file becomes locked by the study server and you cannot access that study

BZ #3002 –  Numbers in the targeted number stack do NOT pay attention to day part times

BZ #3112 –  Phone,hangup,DontHangup command does not work

BZ #3122 –  The Study Server can crash when closing a study with child questionnaires under certain circumstances

BZ #3137 –  The intvrlog file is not storing the special interviewer counts in the right fields and type 9 is overwriting the count for break

BZ #3142 –  WebCATI stations are showing up under the terminal Survent counter in the nsnapper logs

BZ #3150 –  The triple_quotas=modify_targets_only header option no longer works

BZ #3163 –  Fonebuld picks up the DST flag from the zonetable even though the time zone is hardcoded in columns 23-24

BZ #3164 –  If you try to view a checked out case in the Supervisor, it incorrectly says the case doesn’t exist

BZ #3178 –  If you use more than 64 columns in the call note area, the compiler prints the wrong error message

BZ #3185 –  The study server will crash if the <study>.dial file for the study it is trying to start up has one of the parameters set both with a valid and invalid setting

BZ #3189 –  An @@ command in the Supervisor causes an immediate fatal error

BZ #3190 –  The triple_quotas=modify_targets_only head option is formatted incorrectly in the qsp file




The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.11 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #3214 – The SOUND, CHANGE_first_character_of_NAME command (old  sub-type M) does not work on the Survox Dialer



BZ #2712 – If you use the server_access option in Mentor, the study server will still close the study if the last access on the file is only that Mentor process



BZ #1154 –  Questions stored in a data position higher than 65536 cannot be used on later If logic.  You still cannot use those locations on logic, but the compile now will get errors when you try to do so.

BZ #2648 – The Sound Stop command is not formatted properly for the Stratasoft dialer interface

BZ #3181 –  Study Server immediately sends ALL currently available phone numbers to the SER dialer when it asks for numbers

BZ #3198 –  If the phone index has at least 6 digits in it, then Survent is stripping off all alpha characters and then either doesn’t find the record or finds the wrong record

BZ #3205 –  Want Study Server to warn if you try to do a wipeout command on a functioning Survox dialer

BZ #3207 –  Neither dialer specific nor study.dialer specific dialer configuration files are properly read in by the study server.  Note, only the abandonment rate is supported in any of the dialer specific files.

BZ #3216 –  If you have over 100 special numbers in a timezone that is now not available, the system will report “out of numbers” even though it may not be

BZ #3217 –  If the next 250 records are special types not available to the current interviewer, Survent just returns with no number and no message

BZ #3228 –  The set_quota compiler directive sets the target value when in triple_quota mode.  It now gets a compile error

BZ #3229 –  This fone file causes an infinite loop on the “E” screen in either the Supervisor or Foneutil

BZ #3254 –  A special interviewer on a special_only_special study can get a non-special timed call-back if they login before daypartime 1 in the first time zone

BZ #3255 –  If you have a fone file created from a delimited input, there is no way to rebuild the file and have it save the header variables




The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.12 release.

Survox Console

The Console has been updated to support more 3rd party interviewing packages.


Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #3391 – If the respondent hangs up during an IVR call, the dialer is not properly clearing the “action” array which can eventually cause the dialer to stop dialing predictively and/or crash



BZ #3360 –The ellipsis structure (,…,) can erroneously go downwards to the last value, even when the 2nd value is higher than the 1st.  This is now a compile error.

BZ #3085 –You get errors if you try to reformat using variables from a db file if the data set has its text area in the middle of the case



BZ #2011 – Specifying a work area with a higher value than the text area gets an error under certain circumstances

BZ #2122 – Survent will get a blow error if there are too many suspend files (>3000) and you are running without a .fon file (codingmode)

BZ #3257 – The phone “G” screen is not correctly marking cells as unavailable when it is currently not a valid day part

BZ #3258 – Phone numbers in half time zones (India for example) are not paying correct attention to day part times (1/2 hour off)

BZ #3260 – If you try to use a reset question inside the suspend block, not only does the reset not work, but the interview does not suspend properly

BZ #3261 – If you use a Generate question inside a HIDDEN grid, then the generated data is lost through suspend/resume

BZ #3262 – If the phone number”9999999999″ is put into the server_dncfile, then practice mode always reports “Out of Numbers” and the .fon file ends up corrupted

BZ #3263 – The Phone,AddToDoNotCallList command to add the current phone number to the server_dncfile is working in practice mode, but should not

BZ #3278 – If an interviewer uses the “CHI” command to change themselves to another study/mode, the wrong mode/ID can be stored in the interviewer summary log file for that session

BZ #3283 – Expression questions which use the default number of decimals which then would not fit in the allocated data space do not get a compile error

BZ #3284 – If you use the NODECIMALS keyword on an Expression question, then you will get errors if you try to use that question as the range on a subsequent Numeric Question

BZ #3287 – The Phone,AddToDoNotCallList command will crash the study server if the server_dncfile does not have a length equal to exactly 100

BZ #3300 – If you use a goto to jump forward out of the special block, Survent gets a core dump after it executes the goto.  This is now a compile error.

BZ #3302 – If you assign a call status of 181 to the “last” call to a number, the system is assigning a final status of 181 instead of 973.

BZ #3315 – It’s possible to get a 2nd study server running in one environment if the 2nd one starts when the 1st ones station entry is missing

BZ #3333 – E screen summary for numbers in the time later stack is not using the same 5 minute window as the timed today (0 to 4 vs 1 to 5)

BZ #3339 – Quotamod does not error check if you try to set the nextcaseID to a value greater than the “2.147” billion number and then all case IDs will be stored as “**********”

BZ #3344 – If you are using triple_quotas you can no longer do a “live” update of the qfffile because it complains the qff and quo file don’t match even when they should.  This bug was introduced in 8.8.11

BZ #3361 – If you try to get a number from a specific market as a special type interviewer and the system gives you a special number NOT in that market, Survent will get Blow #28

BZ #3366 – A “long” enough select statement (>24K characters) on a online Reveal command from the Supervisor can cause the study server to crash

BZ #3371 – Fonebuld locks up if delimited input causes the text area to overflow.  This now gets the correct error message.

BZ #3373 – Fonebuld delimited field names must be at least two characters long

BZ #3376 – If a study shuts down while a reveal is running on it, there is slight chance the study server can crash if the reveal ends just as the study is shutting down

BZ #3385 – If you try to do too many quota now updates, you invoke blow #927, but the text of the blow is not very helpful

BZ #3388 – The Supervisor undo_deactivate command does not work if the qff file name is not just <studyname>.qff



The only changes in the 8.8.13 release have to do with the date/time issue which starts in 2019.

Linux – All programs

BZ#3508 -The date/time cracker does not accept dates past December 31, 2018



To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.14, go here in the documentation 8.8.15 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.15 release.


Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #2871 – If respondent hangs up during IVR survey, the survey automatically immediately terminates

BZ #3410 – The CDI can crash if Survent gets a blow error just after it started a sound recording

BZ #3443 – Outbound ivr survents bump the terminal nsnapperd counter instead of the ivr_basic counter

BZ #3538 – If the CDI is working with a 8.6 Study Server, it may dial 2 numbers before the first interviewer becomes available leading to immediately abandoned calls.

BZ #3559 – Preview mode needs explicit phone,hangup commands to hang up the phone commands from Survent to disconnect the current call



BZ #2877 – PHP settings for file uploads and post data have been increased



BZ #2535 – If you use the ~adjust command to adjust the text location on a tr file, it always generates error messages on every case.

BZ #2938 – ~Freak does not properly display UTF8 data characters

BZ #3453 – You cannot use the joined_tabset option if one of the banners you are trying to join has more than 2 levels


Survox Console

BZ #2548 –  If you choose either the last or save options under Resolve Numbers you get errors

BZ #2684 – To create a customized Default look, a jquery subdirectory is needed but no errors are given upon uploading the new look nor do our default looks reflect this new subdirectory

BZ #3286 – Market weight settings are reset to the original settings when new sample is loaded.

BZ #3473 – You get errors if you try to add records to an existing fone file that has replicates

BZ #3474 – If a select statement under manage sample that starts with a parentheses you get errors

BZ #3547 – If the sample file has markets then the Console creates the Fonebuld spec with more than one field_def for cfmc_market_name”

BZ #3558 – Console can wipeout a functioning Survox dialer.   It now gets an error and tells user to close the dialer rather than wipe it out.



BZ #1761 – The intvrlog files can end with times that do not add up if a station is killed or cleared

BZ #1839 – If a group of stations is started and then immediately cleared and restarted, a later clear to one of the stations can erroneously clear higher station numbers in the list”

BZ #2855 – If you start up a mentor using server access with the same station number as an existing Survent process, both processes will time out

BZ #2930 – The Special,Read_suspend_comment command will incorrectly show up in the CHK file if the question after it only has a single column in it”

BZ #2944 – If you try to add markets to an existing phone file and assign a maret number > the maximum in the file, Fonebuld will core dump

BZ #3010 – Edit of a Var sub-type A may not work correctly depending upon how the original data was collected

BZ #3016 – Random Data Generation mode never picks 0, if the numeric range is 0 to 9″

BZ #3382 – The compiler is not properly producing an error message if you have if logic that looks like [<label>/<location>#] with no values after the pound sign and it always returns False in Survent

BZ #3384 – You cannot start any webCATI stations if the webSurvent limit is 0 in the validation set”

BZ #3390 – If the first use of the “work” option is on a Grid question, then the next available column in the work area gets set to 1 regardless of the setting in the header.  It is now an error to use the work option on a Grid question.

BZ #3395 – The special,get_unique_quota_number reexecutes when resuming a suspended interview causing missing values

BZ #3401 – If you have quotas in an interview that executes a !call,switch command and you are in debug mode, Survent will get a core dump

BZ #3413- The intvrlog file can end up with incorrect between interview times if the interview sits on the between interviews screen either before or after going on break/lunch/meeting

BZ #3445 – The XF Function Date_Time_Diff does not correctly calculate the number of years and months between dates

BZ #3452 – If Survent encounters a blow while in a “child” questionnaire, no blow file for the parent is saved

BZ #3469 – The XF Function Date_Time_Offset gets a Segmentation Fault in Survent if the receiving field is a data location

BZ #3513 – Study Server does not properly deal with tr files over 2.14 gigabytes in size.  The study server now will not load a study if the tr file is over 2 gigabytes in size.

BZ #3514 – The system,write_to_interviewer_log_record command does NOT work in a child questionnaire

BZ #3518 – If you have a study name > 30 characters in length, it invokes error message #7027 which has old limits in it

BZ #3523 – Compiler now warns if a Flip or Random_Start Rotation is used.  Note, there are issues with using this types of archaic rotation patterns.   We recommend you always use a Scramble and if you need an exactly even split between patterns, then use quotas to control that.

BZ #3526 – PBF files do not have a consistent naming convention and do not always contain the same data depending upon how Survent is started up.

BZ #3530 – If you have too many characters in the data code for a disk based response list, you get a confusing error message”

BZ #3534 – The compiler is not error checking to make sure the text area is sufficiently large.

BZ #3541 – The maximum_question_labels option is not properly letting you create a questionnaire with over 50K questions

BZ #3548 – The before session block will write out a data case unless you abort inside of it and it also updates the starts counter

BZ #3549 – The LL16 records created when you use the time_questions header option are not properly formatted

BZ #3553 – No LL16 record is being written out for the first question in a survey

BZ #3556 – Survent doesn’t get an ERROR when it attempts to use an already occupied station number

BZ #3561 – In the intvrlog file the time between end of last interview and quitting is not being accounted for

BZ #3562 – The 8.8 Survent Usage Counts can also stored in the 8.6 dumplog file if you are running both versions concurrently and the environments are not configured properly.

BZ #3563 – If you use language “blocks” to create a response list item that is over 5000 characters, the compile will core dump if you try to create Mentor specs

BZ #3468 – If you submit a response on a Text or Var question that starts with the string “alter”, it gets an error “Error: response ‘ALTER’ is not allowed here”.   It now only gets this error if that is the entire response.

BZ #3535 – If you run out of TEXT area during a webCATI survey the error/warning message is printing one screen too late


Survent Phone System

BZ #1321 – In Fonebuld, if you specify that the Input_type=mapped without an Input_map= statement you do not get any error messages

BZ #2325 – Supervisor setdialer command to change dialer settings on a study does not work.

BZ #2430 – Fonebuld hangs if you build a fone file with input_type=mapped and try to add sample using the  type=delimited option

BZ #2453 – The Supervisor Phone_Delete command cannot delete duplicate records

BZ #3396 – The LL12 Study Server log record always reports the status 975 for an over quota record, even when a different status code has been assigned

BZ #3450 – Zap Last should not work if previous stack is not dialable (Up-In-The-Air, Blow, Error, Etc)

BZ #3502 – When using the quota in phone record option, records that are provisionally marked as full are getting their number of attempts counter updated when they should not

BZ #3504 – The abandoned flag is not set on subsequent calls with the MSG dialer if an earlier call was abandoned

BZ #3507 – Fonebuld now warns if you try to map a variable that starts with “cfmc” and does not correctly map to any of the Survox/CFMC variables.

BZ #3519 – If you using delimited input files for Fonebuld and there are a lot of short named variables, Fonebuld can get into an infinite loop if you try to add records to that file”

BZ #3528 – If you are dialing targeted numbers in a predictive study (hybrid mode) you can get undialed predictive numbers to a station if all the available targeted numbers are in time zones too late to call

BZ #3531 – If you try to make a call to number that already has 101 calls, it always gets put down in the error stack

BZ #3532 – The Fonebuld Market Command is not properly error checked for valid market numbers

BZ #3533 – The Fonebuld error #276 text is wrong when market_loc shorter than name

BZ #3543 – The default dialer configuration file (shopwide.dial) is read at study server startup and should be read each time a study starts on the dialer

BZ #3544 – If an interviewer hangs up while they are waiting in predictive mode, it can cause Survent to get errors and possibly corrupt phone records

BZ #3546 – If you have a duplicate name in the input csv file to Fonebuld, the resultant layout for the text area is incorrect

BZ #3554 – If a phone,allow_to_get_record_type is executed AFTER a phone number has already been gotten, it sets the special type on the record

BZ #3555 – The !phone CALL, GETPARK_ed, and JOINPARK_ed are missing the label argument in generated qsp file.

BZ #3568 – The Study Server is converting the dial result NETWORKBAD to status 810.  It now converts it to status 875.


Survent Online (webSurvent)

BZ #2164 – The no_server hidden variable in the index page is ignored

BZ #2882 – When using a popup other, the text box is not writing out the correct html causing the input to not work correctly

BZ #3136 – The text “autosuspend” is saved as a response in !text question if suspend_timeout limit is hit and an !SPC,V is executed in a suspend block

BZ #3363 – The Javascript function SetOtherSpecify code from version 8.8.6 (Version: 1.0) doesn’t work on version 8.8.11+

BZ #3392 – webSurvent no longer lets you get “special” type records.  It reports back that they are already completed

BZ #3439 – If webSurvent gets an error trying to open the playbackfile, it will cause the Survent process to get into an infinite loop

BZ #3510 – If the html5_tags parmfile option is set to yes, then this can cause issues with CFMC_WS_jquery.js when the input type is “number”

BZ #3517 – The Javascript function SetReveal will not display textbox without some type of interaction with the page when using drop down menu

BZ #3539 – When CheckAllRequired Javascript function is used then the respondent cannot access the  previous button after getting an error on the page

BZ #3545 – In webSurvent the special,writecase,update feature can write an extra duplicated data case at the end of the interview

BZ #3550 – The Javascript function SetOtherInterval does not work if you try to use it on two different questions in the same grid

BZ #3566 – The Javascript error messaging for a Num question using sub-types Z,V, and B does not work right on an IPhone.



To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.16, go here in the documentation 8.8.16 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.16 release.


Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #3587 – Cdi is logging an error that says “hangup agent:1103 no camp” when interviewers finish.

BZ #3606 – If a station is cleared while it is the predictive wait state and then restarted, under some circumstances it may end up getting a connected call for the wrong study

BZ #3629 – The dialer is sometimes not correctly resetting the count for the number of consecutive Trunk Busy messages which can cause it to shut down dialing when it should not



BZ #3599 – CentOS 7 survent install – unable to create Survox Console database – data too long for column ‘password’

BZ #3607 – Dialer console install asks for accounts file name but doesn’t use it in console configuration



BZ #3589 – Although you can read in ASCII files with more than 200K columns, you cannot access any data past column 200,000.   ASCII files now have a limit of 1,000,000 columns, but TR files are still limited to 200,000.

BZ #3590 – If you read in an ASCII file with a large enough data record (>3,000,000 columns), the program aborts with a GETCORE error.  This now gets a proper error message.

BZ #3614 – Under some circumstances, Mentor doesn’t error when undefined (>-define) item gets used.


Survox Console

BZ #3593 – The Survox Console does not check to make sure daypart times are in ascending order

BZ #3595 – The convert option under manage sample does not work.

BZ #3597 – Many of the help links in under manage sample/modify parameters are broken.

BZ #3609 – The reveal option under manage sample does not work.

BZ #3610 – Console stops working 2 days before the expiration date.

BZ #3611 – When you modify index page the Javascript references are changed to files that do not exist

BZ #3612 – The named reveal option does not execute the named_reveal command

BZ #3615 – An interviewer is not started as the proper special type(s), even when special type(s) are selected on agent.php page

BZ #3621 – Reformat for delimited data using response text instead of response codes gives an error

BZ #3623 – Some of the Modify parameters options under Manage Sample allow negative values which will cause error.

BZ #3624 – Some of the Modify parameter options under Manage Sample allow illegal choices in the numeric input fields with will cause errors.

BZ #3627 – Password strength widget doesn’t appear when editing a user’s password.

BZ #3631 – When editing an employee in the employee roster, the data in employee fields are corrupted

BZ #3633 – When an alert_boss is created, the message in the alert_boss file should display in the Console



BZ #3575 – The Characterset= language setting in the Prepare Header is defaulting to extended_ascii in the QSP file instead of utf8.

BZ #3579 – The notation of “**” to do exponents on an Expression or IF statement only works if the power is a positive integer

BZ #3582 – If you are inside of a Grid and you overwrite data that is used on the If logic on the Grid, you can cause a blow error #4582 when an end_grid_error is executed

BZ #3583 – If in the Supervisor you try to look at the quotas to a “child” questionnaire, you get an uninformative error message

BZ #3584 – You will get an error about a “missing file” if you try to directly load a “child” questionnaire after it has been loaded by a parent

BZ #3586 – You can get error #1629 for a !target that has never been set before when compiling multiple qffs in one spec file.

BZ #3588 – If a DBR has to screen wrap because it has so much text, then the response code for an item might be overwritten on the screen by the text of an earlier sub-choice

BZ #3592 – If you have too many over quota records in a row, the message the Interviewers get says there are “too many special numbers”

BZ #3594 – If you try to decompile a QFF that has a smart_rdg command in it, the program gets a segmentation fault

BZ #3600 – Study Server does not error on start up if there are non-printing characters in the parmfile which can lead to unexpected behavior later on

BZ #3604 – The 8.8.14 study server and/or dialer might start rejecting valid messages if they are being truncated due to heavy load

BZ #3605 – If you have defines with repeat variables on them and you are defining and undefining them in the repeat, you can end up with an old definition under some

BZ #3618 – The syntax of !fld questions is not properly checked such that you can set the maximum number of responses multiple times.

BZ #3622 – Supervisor can crash if they try to clear a station that logs in and immediately logs out


Survent Phone System

BZ #3451 – Fonebuld is not converting spaces to underscores in csv sample files that contain field names with spaces

BZ #3580 – The Foneutil List option does not show the correct status for numbers in the HOLD AREA (bucket #9)

BZ #3581 – The Foneutil list option does not show the correct status for numbers in a fone file with markets, for numbers above a certain market number

BZ #3585 – Adding ASCII fon records to an existing .fon file that was created using delimited input can get the error #7343 about bad text length

BZ #3603 – You will get errors about the timezone12offset parameter if you try to modify the parameters on a phone file built with an older version of the 8.8.x software

BZ #3613 – The Supervisor Command “mpf =” has poor error checking and has some settings that do not work

BZ #3632 – The study server can spend a lot time trying to find a sample record on a study with lots of markets (>300) with little or no sample actually available

BZ #3639 – The study server can spend a lot of time Integrating a phone file if there are a lot of special type numbers


Survent Online (webSurvent)

BZ #3572 – The jquery function placefocus does not work does not work in webCATI

BZ #3616 – The jquery function INFO_OTHER for hidden input for other specifies with key/value pairs breaks with too many characters

BZ #3617 – The jquery function SetMultipleResponseCheck does not check for minimum responses

BZ #3628 – The jquery function ShowMessageOnClose does not display warning when browser close button is hit

BZ #3634 – The jquery function CheckAllText/SetTextCheck should check for minimum number of characters in !var question

BZ #3637 – The jquery function SetResponseOrder does not store the order of mention in multiple response field question.

BZ #3638 – The jquery function SetRank does not present error when same rank given to multiple items

BZ #3640 – The jquery function SetClass does not change the class of the specified element on the page



To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.17, go here in the documentation 8.8.17 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.17 release.


Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #3672 – Under certain circumstances the CDI will get an empty message from the study server which will then cause the CDI and Study Server to lose proper communication and all stations on that dialer will be hung.



BZ #3658 – The logging line in the parmfile is being changed by the nav_overlay part of the installer and it might reduce the requested logging



BZ #3660 – If the process does not have read permission on the /cfmc/cfg/validate file the error message is not very informative

BZ #3669 – Mentor can core dump after getting errors about reading an ASCII input file with length= set too small.

BZ #3671 – Using files=”” with a path/filename combination or 80 characters or more causes the program to core dump


Survox Console

BZ #3655 – Employee roster ( was not being properly error checked for the length of various text entries

BZ #3657 – Manage -> shop and server -> survsuper command output is displayed as a single line.

BZ #3676 – Manage -> shop and server -> survsuper command output is displayed as a single line. REGRESSION:  Was only happening in version 8.8.16

BZ #3677 – The Console can take a long time to login and other pages may be long delayed as well when there are too many studies in the study list including those that are archived



BZ #2816 – !html radio and checkboxes options are compile directives but should be runtime directives

BZ #3647 – There’s a small core leak when running survent interviews which can cause core issues, but only if 1000’s of interviews are done in a single session.

BZ #3651   – Spaces inside the brackets when changing languages inside a response list can get odd errors and cause the list file to be missing lines

BZ #3652 – If you have a multiple language questionnaire and you have comments interspersed inside the response list that total more than 5000 columns, you will get a confusing error message that the combined response list is >5000 characters

BZ #3665 – If you use Mentor with server_access and you also have the option “ONLY_BOSS_CLOSES_STUDIES” set to Yes in the parmfile, then the tr file does not properly close when you exit out of Mentor

BZ #3673 – If you use Mentor with server_access and have it use a “linked” tr file, then the “real” tr file can become corrupted

BZ #3674 – The study server will shut down if you migrate a study from version 8.8.12 or before and time zone 12 exists in the fone file

BZ #3682 – You will get a compile error when you use the IF syntax that has the string inside the brackets on the comparison if the fields are not the exact same length


Survent Phone System

BZ #823 – Records in HIDDEN stack not moved to NAMED_HIDE stack when requested

BZ #1620 – You cannot have an open webSurvent study if the phone file has markets even if you have a catchall (???) market

BZ #2671 – If you set release timed numbers to YES, you can end up calling numbers after daypart time 4 has passed

BZ #3648 – Configuring more dialers than the software supports is not an error

BZ #3650 – If you zap or zap,last a record the bucket information is not updated on the record

BZ #3653 – If a fone file has a corrupted stack, the Verify option in Foneutil will find the problem and sometimes not be able to fix it up, but still mark the verify as being successful

BZ #3662 – The ascii=study.fdf Fonebuld option to remake the phone system variables does not correctly handle the cfmc special variables

BZ #3664 – Supervisor command “mpf <study> release_timed=yes” sets release_timed to “no”.

BZ #3666 – Fonebuld should get an error if you specify a market_name_location without any markets defined

BZ #3681 – You get errors if you try to use phone variables with an underscore in the name on a select statement in Foneutil, the Supervisor, or the Console


Survent Online (webSurvent)

BZ #3654 – The SetOtherInterval script does not work in 8813 – 8816 with multiple response fld question



To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.18, go here in the documentation 8.8.18 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.18 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #2608 – If you try to run an IVR outbound campaign in Preview Mode, it runs with errors

BZ #3107 – Blind transfer from an IVR Survent session to third party is not working

BZ #3602 – After starting a conference and joining it interviewer cannot leave.

BZ #3702 – The CDI crashed while executing a redial command that it got from an 8.6 study server


Survox Console

BZ #2072 – Under the Manage shop and server tab the testdial option always reports “Okay”.   It now reports that the message has been sent and to expect a call on the dialed number

BZ #2418 – In the “Composer” when you modify an existing question created in Created/Edit Questionnaire you receive a database error

BZ #2469 – When you list sample it can  overwrite some of the menu functions on the left hand side of the page from the list sample page

BZ #3689 – Unarchiving a study does not properly update the quotas in the .quo file

BZ #3692 – In the “Composer” if you use a backslash character “\” in the text of a question, it gets created twice in the qsp file.

BZ #3693 – In the “Composer” you are unable to update question text once it has been saved the first time.

BZ #3701 – Console only allows up to 4 time zones weight to be modified on the modify parameters screen



BZ #3661 – Validate file cannot be updated without restarting the study server.  See version 8.8.18 enhancements for instructions on how to do this.


Survent Phone System

BZ #1557 – Ownership mode does not work when the study is running under a predictive dialer

BZ #3675 – If what should be the last call to a number is a busy that is too late in the day to make another attempt (status 182), the number is not properly resolved

BZ #3687 – Use_holding_area=yes is legal in fonebuld but the option is set to “0”


Survent Online (webSurvent)

BZ #3696 – If you enter a password in webSurvent that is more than 44 blanks long it can crash the study server

BZ #3698 – If you have 2 html_checkboxes or html_radio_button commands inside of a grid, questions before the 2nd set of them will not save data

BZ #3699 – If you backup over a !html_checkboxes or !html_radio_buttons command the program does not reset back to the previous setting




To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.19, go here in the documentation 8.8.19 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.19 release.


BZ #3706 – Windows Mentor crashes if you have a line over 200 characters in length with the NOT operator on it.

BZ #3707 – Windows Mentor crashes if you try to convert to SPSS and you have a response that has over 256 characters of text

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

BZ #3704 – The CDI will crash if the “cdiworld” file is not accessible



BZ #3703 – Windows Survent crashes when running RDG on a Num question that has “alpha” exception codes

BZ #3705 – If there are over 10K resume files and you run a webCATI interview without a .fon file, Survent gets a blow error

BZ #3710 – Syntax checking on the !Num question allows ambiguous or erroneous syntax

BZ #3711 – Under very rare circumstances the study server can fork off a duplicate process of itself


Survent Phone System

BZ #3708 – If the fonefile dncfile and server dncfile are the exact same file and you try to add records via the study server to that fone file, the study server will crash




To see the list of enhancements for 8.8.20, go here in the documentation 8.8.20 enhancements

The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.8.20 release.  Note, starting with this release we are tracking bugs using a different system, so you will notice know they are preceded by SVD and the numbers have been reset to much lower values.


SVD #229 – The Field Question Disk Based Recode option does not properly support UTF-8 characters.

SVD #230 – If the employee roster contains a blank line, interviewers can enter into the surveys without entering any ID.

SVD #236 – A very large Field sub-type Include/Exclude question can get a segmentation fault when it should be getting an out of memory error

SVD #240 – A reference to an alias question on an pop-up other does not correctly update the back reference in web modes

SVD #266 – The changes made to crack the !Num question for deprecation purposes is getting compile errors on certain valid combinations

SVD #267 – In terminal mode Survent, if you enter in an invalid interviewer ID, you are kicked out of Survent after you enter in a valid one

SVD #282 – Study server can crash if the validate file is changed while it is running such that the study server no longer has read access to it

SVD #298 – Mentor will core dump while compiling a questionnaire  if you have a \:: reference on a line over 200 characters in length and you try to create SPSS specs

SVD #300 – SPSS def file is wrong if the Case ID is stored in a location other than 1.x

SVD #314 – If the variable you point to on a Sound,record command has an invalid name, you can end up with a “missing” sound file. Note, Survent will now get a blow error if the “name” being used for the recording is not a valid file name.

SVD #323 – In WebCATI if you try to set up a unspecified time call back and the current time is after tomorrow’s shutoff time, you get an error that the shop is not open

SVD #325 – A Study can fail to load with an error that the .fon file cannot be opened twice if the study was not shut down properly in an earlier run of the study server.  Note, this was a regression as the bug was introduced in version 8.8.19.

SVD #326 – You cannot access a study if the qff name ends in “ivr_test” which means you cannot run test ivr studies without going to command line

SVD #333 – You can no longer use a fully qualified name in Quotamod to work on a local quota file.  This is a regression as the bug was introduced in version 8.8.17.


Survox Console

SVD #320 – Studies are incorrectly marked as archived when there are errors during the archive process and the files cannot be archived

SVD #327 – The Download Files option does not allow you to download files from an IVR study