Basic PREPARE Specifications

You will find detailed information on how to set up a basic questionnaire within the Basic Prepare Specification pages.

Introduction to Prepare – Includes using Prepare, files created by Prepare, and creating a spec using Prepare

Study Header Statement – Includes most frequently used study header options

Question Syntax – Includes how to set up a question properly

Basic Question Types – Includes DISPLAY, FIELD, NUMERIC, TEXT, and VARIABLE type questions

Back-Reference Displays – Includes displaying previous responses

Condition Statements – Includes how to use IF conditions properly along with a comprehensive display of examples for each question type

File Access Commands – Includes ways of accessing outside files and how to insert comments

Testing the Questionnaire – Includes tips and guidelines for testing the questionnaire, and how to use RDG and SMARTRDG statements

Making changes to a live study – Includes different methods on how to make changes to the questionnaire after the study has been deployed live