Design View

Design View displays a tree view of your programmed questionnaire. While in Design View, you can see an overview of your project with the ability to restructure your questionnaire. For example, you can move questions around, add questions, edit question text and response lists and delete questions. You also have control over your questionnaire pages. You can force a question to be on a page by itself meaning it will be the only question the respondent sees on the screen, or you can groups series of questions on a particular page or screen. In Design View, you have complete questionnaire control with editing capabilities such as:

Function Description
Add Pages Force a question or questions to be on their own screen.
Delete Pages Remove pages in between questions forcing multiple questions to be on the same screen.
Edit Pages Add, modify or remove text on top of a page.
Add Questions Add questions anywhere in your questionnaire.
Copy Questions Copy questions in your questionnaire.
Delete Questions Remove questions from the questionnaire.
Edit Questions Modify question type, text, label or the question response list.
Move Questions Move questions from one place to another in your questionnaire.
Delete Questionnaire Delete entire questionnaire from Design View.

In Design View, Labels are displayed in Blue, Terminate statements are displayed in Red, and Quota statements are displayed in Green.

  1. Click on the Project Setup Tab
  2. Click Create/Edit Questionnaire
  3. Select a project from the drop down menu
  4. Click the “Edit Questionnaire” button
  5. Select the Design View tab


In this example, you can see the questionnaire in Design View. On the left side of the screen are your controls for adding new pages between questions and adding new questions.  You can move questions to any place in the questionnaire by using the “Move” button and copy questions by using the “Copy” button. You can delete a question or a page by clicking the “X” button and you can edit a question, a response list or a page by clicking on the question itself or clicking the “Magnifying glass” button. From this screen, you can also add logic to a specific question by clicking on the “Add Logic” link or modify logic by clicking on an existing IF condition next to the question. To collapse question details, click the down blue arrow and to expand question details, click the right blue arrow.