Blow Error Messages

Some programming errors cannot be captured during a compile of the PREPARE specifications. There are cases when such an error will cause Survent to terminate the interview in progress and quit. If this occurs, an error message will be displayed with a description of the cause of the problem, and the number of the question on which the error occurred. These messages are called blow error messages.

Here is an example blow error message:

(ERROR #9760) blow 108 label QN27C qn 2.25
FATAL Questionaire design error 108 AT QUESTION (QN27C) - 2.25
data:  5
29JAN16 14:09:08: Please call your supervisor or the questionnaire designer for help report 
error # (108) on ldev 132 survent blow 108
reason:  108 FIELD/CAT,A (USE_PREVIOUS) is blank or has bad data

The Blow number in this case is 108.  The label of the question the problem happened at is QN27C.  The question number of 2.25 gives you an idea of the position of the question in the survey.  The data tells you that there was a 5 in the location of this question.  It also provides the data/time stamp it took place, along with the station number/ldev that it happened on.   The full text of the blow message is printed on the “reason” line.

In the event that Survent terminates with a blow error, interviewers MUST NOT CLEAR THE SCREEN. They should immediately contact their supervisor and show them the screen.   If possible, the supervisor should do a “screen capture”, otherwise they should write down all the pertinent information from the message which includes all the following:

  1. The Blow Number
  2. The Question label that it occurred at
  3. The “data” that was in the question
  4. The date and time
  5. The station/ldev number
  6. Any information the interviewer can provide about what they were doing just before the blow took place. For instance, were they backing up to re-ask a question, trying to suspend the interview, etc.

Interviewers should be instructed to collect this information if the supervisor is unable.

The supervisor should be able to tell from the message itself or may need to refer to the list of error numbers below so that they can determine whether the problem can be fixed by the questionnaire designer, or whether Survox Support is needed.   For instance, in the example above the message clearly states to contact the questionnaire designer.

In addition, Survent will write out (up to the point of the abort) the data case that aborted into a separate directory named <study>.B_. If the group does not exist, Survent will create it. You can then use this file to try to track down the problem that caused the abort, using VIEW mode of Survent, or CLEANER, to check the responses up to that point.

The file LOG<intvid> is saved whenever an interviewer aborts with a blow error. This is to help you in debugging the problem. The LOG file contains a record of all answers typed by the interviewer.

NOTE: The LOG file is cumulative, so the Blow information will appear at the bottom of the file if it already exists.

The file will be saved in the interviewers log sub-directory  (usually ${CFMC}intvr_logs).

Blow errors are problems that have been identified by our staff. Other unidentified problems may occur, though. For instance, it is possible to get error messages regarding stack overflow, related to not enough memory on your computer, or due to your computer network or operating system.

These problems will usually require some modification of your computer, but you may want to contact Survox Support anyway to see if we have any suggestions that may help eliminate the problem.

Blow errors have one of four causes:

  1. Questionnaire Design Mistakes: A specification error has been made which caused Survent to abort. These problems must be fixed by the questionnaire designer. These problems are indicated below as “Q’naire” problems. Often they can be found by running Random Data Generation to try to simulate all interviewing possibilities.
  2. Survent Programming Bugs: These are problems we have not yet been able to diagnose yet in the software. You should call us immediately if this occurs. We will need with a good description of what occurred at your site and the files that caused the problem. With this information, we should be able to fix the problem. These are marked below as “Survox”.
  3. File Corruption: The questionnaire file, phone file, or related files have been corrupted. This can only be determined by the Survox staff, although the general recovery procedure is to rebuild the corrupted file.  These are marked below as “Corrupt Data File”.
  4. System: There is some problem with the system (file not available) or the network sending messages or data to/from the SUPERVISOR. These are marked below as “System”.


The Server can send e-mail messages if blows occur.

When the Survox study server gets a Survent blow, it looks for the file ”<studycode>_blow.csh” in the ${CFMC}control directory and if that exists, it is executed, if not, then it looks for ”<studycode>”.

Otherwise, it looks for ${CFMC}control/, and if that exists, it executes that. If, for some reason, it doesn’t know the study code, it uses the study code “unknown” and tries to execute “”. The environment variable CFMCBLOW is also created, which contains “BLOW at session # from ldev #”.  This can be referenced in the shell script.

If there is text string associated with the blow, a second environment variable CFMCBLOWTEXT is created with that text which could be displayed by the script. The environment variable CFMCBLOWSTUDYCODE is also created, so you can have a generic file that shows which study code blew up.

Here is an example ‘csh’ script:

Text: $CFMCBLOWTEXT\n">>xx

NOTE: Older versions of the software prior to 8.8.17 these blow files were stored in the ${CFMCCFG} sub-directory.

Descriptions of Blow Errors

NOTE: The solution articles are under construction.  Not all Blow Errors will have an article created for it explaining in detail information on how to fix it.

Error #  Error Message Type Solution Article
01 GET_NEXT_ROTATE_QUESTION: Failed To Find Question
02 Fs_Interview: Can’t Find Next Question To Execute
03 PUTANSWER: Answer Array Overflow, Use Larger ANSWER_LENGTH In Header Q’naire
04 Fs_Interview: Can’t Find Next Question, Failed Checkblockstart System
05 Failed To Construct Clean Resume File
06 Internal Fs_Next Answer Overwritten
10 Would Put Down Phone Number With Status Complete But Is Not Completed
12 EVALUATE:  Quota Index Out Of Range Survox
13 EVALUATE:  String Compare Width > 4999
14 EVALUATE:  Comparing Different Length Strings
16 DO_RESET:  Reset To A Question Never Asked Survox
17 GETANSWER: No Answer In Answer Array Survox
18 RESUME Didn’t Backup To Resume At Question Number Q’naire
24 EVALUATE:  Op Function Calls Unimplemented Survox
25 EVALUATE NUMITEMS Gets Negative Stack
26 EVALUATE Stack Overflow
27 EVALUATE Beyond Limits For Fonetext/Localscratch
28 Fone System Returned Wrong Number; Index Files Must Be Rebuilt
32 Journal File Read Error. Survox
60 Hit ENDROTATE (-513) In Setrotpoint80 Q’naire
80 Before Re-Executing Interview, Could Not Open New Journal File-See 180/181
81 While Re-Executing Interview, The Qff File Is BAD
82 Disk-Based Recode Infinite Loop96 Q’naire
96 Can’t Find Endrotate Question Q’naire
97 Rotate With Bad Rotate Header
99 Unable To Get This Question Q’naire
100 Unable To Get Question In This Loop Q’naire
101 Not Enough Room To Put Question On The Screen Or In Specified Box Q’naire
102 Data Overflow On FIELD Question With !GEN,O (NET)
103 Blanking Text
104 Disk-Based Recode Branch/Screen Too Big (> [Maxqstsize])
105 GOTO Question Goes To A Label That We Can’t Find
106 CAT,I Refers To Different Width Response Or Not CAT107 Q’naire
107 Disk-Based-Recode Table With No Matching Response
108 FIELD/CAT,A (USE_PREVIOUS) Is Blank Or Has Bad Data Q’naire
109 VAR,A (USE_PREVIOUS) Must Have At Least <Minimum Length> Characters Q’naire
110 FIELD Disk Based Recode Table, Can’t Find Response Q’naire
111 EDIT Question Target Question Not VAR Or TEXT Question Q’naire
112 EDIT Question Trying For A Question And Not Finding It Q’naire
113 Trying For A Numbered Quota Larger Than [MAX_QUOTA_NUMBER] Q’naire
114 Too Many Numbered Quotas Which Are Not Incremented  ‘NOW’ Q’naire
115 Nseval – Looking For Numbered Quota < 1 Q’naire
116 Can’t Access Quota File System
117 GEN,A (ADD) Data Overflow Adding To A FIELD Question
119 Maximum Less Than Minimum In NUM Question (Eg. !NUM,,,10-1)
120 Zap_Text – Bad Text Pointer (Points Out Of Text Area) Q’naire
121 Zap_Text – Bad Back Pointer (Not Point Back To Text Pointer) Q’naire
122 Zap_Text – Next Back Pointer Out Of Data Area Q’naire
123 Got A SURVSUPR TYPE (QFFNAME) Message In The Middle Of Interviewing.
124 Got An Unsolicited Phone Record.  Something Is Wrong.
125 Executing !SPECIAL Block Of Questions, Failed To Get Next Question
126 (Unused??? Executing !SPECIAL Block Of Questions, Hit A ROTATE Or LOOP)
127 Saveresponse, And Last Journal Record Does Not Match Question
128 Fillin_Sameas_Recodetable, Can’t Find Question Pointed To Which
129 Executing !SPECIAL Block, Can’t Find The !END_SPECIAL Marker.
130 CAT Or FLD Question Target Data Columns Are Not Empty
130-137 Old Rolm Errors; Rolm No Longer Supported.
138 !ENDGRID With Uninitialized !GRID — Did You Skip Into Grid?
139 Error Moving To Question In !GRID
140 More Than MAX_GRID_QQS ( 200 ) Or Max(Imum)_Grid_Q(Uestions)=# In Grid Q’naire
141 QREF Put Greater Than Max Specified
142 Text Pointer Put On Existing Data Q’naire
143 Data Put On Existing Text Pointer Q’naire
144 Recode Item Beyond Memory
145 Unasked Question In Websurvent Grid Q’naire
146 Unasked Question In Grid — Must Use !Grid,R Q’naire
147 !Grid,R In Websurvent Q’naire
148 QREF Error – Get With No Eval
149 Nextexcol Bad Set By Zap_Text
150 Child_Resume With Bad Response
151 CFMCRESUME Environment Not Set Properly
152 DBR, Error In Terminal Code Or Text, Or Bad Data In View
153 Qnaire Reference To Phone Text Position Beyond Actual Phone Text Length
154 Question Width > MAXDATAWIDTH
155 Evaluate Width > MAXDATAWIDTH
156 RSET In Viewmode Is Fatal
157 GEN,R (REPLACE_CODES) Exceeded Available Width
158 Not ODBC Question On Resume
159 QREF Error — No Qref Array
160 QREF Error — Too Many Items
161 QREF Error — Too Many Blocks
162 Fatal Core (Memory) Error
163 Failed To Get Popup Other Question
164 Trying To Popup Other In Web, But Not In Grid
165 Tried To Set A Language Not On The List
166 ODBC Control Area Mismatch On Resume
167 ODBC Case Length Not Same On Resume
168 ODBC Fetch Area Not Same Length On Resume
169 ODBC Subtype Not Same On Resume
180 Failed To Open Resume Temp File
181 Failed To Get_Resumefile_Head
182 Failed Copy Resume Responses
201 Getplocation Got A Bad Location ( <= 0 )
202 Get_Locwid Offered A Label Which Was Not To Be Found
203 Can’t Get Fonehead Info From Server, Or Fonehead Length 0
206 Couldn’t Open Local Data File
207 SPC,P (GET_CASE) With A Case Already In Hand
208 Survsupr Killed Survent
222 Can’t Verify This File Q’naire or Corrupt Data File
223 Datafile Length Differ From QFF File Caselength Q’naire
224 Failed To Open DOS Data File
225 Failed To Close DOS Data File
226 Trying To Read Or Write A Local Case When We’re Attached To A Server
227 In_Special<> Had Problems Finding The Start And End Of The Special Block
300 Backing Up Through !CALL: Journal History Corrupted
301 Found Wrong Label Trying To Back Into Q_Called Trailer
302 Saved Wrong Length Survent Control Structure In Q_CALL
303 Level Difference Not 1 Between Lower Q_CALL
304 Level Difference Not 1 Between Higher Q_CALL
305 Failed To Restore Previous Questionaire In Trailer Q_CALL
306 Wrong Label For Saved Answer Array In Q_CALL
307 Wrong Label For Saved Data In Q_CALL
308 Caselen And Ms->Prephead.Case_Len Don’t Match In Q_CALL
309 Case ID Not Filled In At Q_CALL ( You Need A Previous !Spc,A )
310 Can’t Open Q_CALL Data File
311 Child_Level Greater Than MAX_CHILD_LEVEL ( 5 )
312 Can’t Restore DATACASE Structure In Return_From_Call
313 Can’t Find Question While Resuming !Call Questionaire
314 PHONE,A (ADD_NUMBER) Not Allowed With No Server
315 Dialer Connection Failed
316 Error Attempting To Delete Child Data Record
317 Running In HTML Mode, Called Nextcardc().
318 Tried To Get Default Fone Status Screen After It Was Disabled
319 Failed To Get GRID Qq In Execute_Cgi_Response
320 You Have Exceeded Your Maxmimumjournalfilesize
321 Highlightcats Can Only Work To A Terminal Screen Q’naire
322 Gen,D Failure
323 !Call Don’t Return Inside Child
324 Bad Status At End Of Interviewq’naire
400 Endless Loop ( Try Setting Backwards_Skips=# In Header Where # > 200 )
401 Child Questionaire Blew, So I Do Too!
402 Failed Qwin_Ask In S_Grid
403 Failed Qwin_Ask Q_DISP
404 Failed Qwin_Ask Q_ENDGRID
405 Failed Qwin_Ask Q_TEXT653
653 Qwindow Text
654 Text Box Error
700 Cgidata Not Set
894 Making Recording, Question Syntax Not Correct (Missing ! Maybe?)
895 Making Recording, Specified File Doesn’t Exist
896 Making Recording, Get Text From Spec File Failed
897 Getting Case From Non-Indexed Data File
898 Message Size > 100000 Too Large For Websurvent
899 Failed To Send Message To Stdysrvr
900 Network Error – Failed To Get Quota Or Master Quota System
901 Called Questionaire Cannot Do SPC,P (GETCASE) Or Phonesays_Datarecord Using Caseid
902 Network Error – Unable To Send Datacase/Phone Record To Cfmc Server System
903 Case Sent Different Length Than Master File, Or Timeout System
904 Network Error – No Phonerec To Put Suspend Name Into.
905 PHONE,M (MARKET) Command To Set Market, But No Markets In File Q’naire
906 PHONE,G/P/9 (GET/PUT/RESUME) Attempted With No Phone Record Loaded Q’naire
907 Unused Q’naire
908 Callback Days Ahead, Shop Not Open On Target Day Q’naire
909 Callback Days Ahead, No Good Time On Target Day Q’naire
910 Client_Abort For Some Reason
911 Abnormal Exit Thru Exit_Function, Possibly No Quotafile
912 You Have Probably Already Finished The Survey: Failed To Get Phone Record
913 (Blow 913, No Additional Text)
914 (Blow 914, No Additional Text)
915 Child Quotas Are Different Than Parent ( Without -Quota_Crc_Check ) Q’naire
916 Validator Failed To Pick Up Case
917 Rdgc Qq Exceeded Max Allowed
918 Rdgc Error
919 Not Enough Questions Matched In Rdgc
920 Error Parsing !Html_Rdg Command
921 Out Of Space For Rotate_Order
922 Server Says Blow
923 Fatal Error With Template File
924 Failed To Get Qq With !Call,5
925 Exceeded Max_Phone_M Setting
926 Language Not In Header, Default 1
927 Exceeded Max_Quota_Now Setting, Default 5
928 !Cat,N And !Fld,N Not Allowed In WEBMODE
929 PHONE,M (MARKET) To Change Market Weights, But No Markets In <Study>.Fon File
930 PHONE,Z (CALL_NOTE) With No Historynotelength Specified
931 Quotanumber < 0 In M_Incr_Quota
932 Caseid Doesn’t Match Data — May Need SPC,D (ASSIGN_CASEID_FROM_DATA)
933 \\[ Reference With No Phone File Loaded Or Beyond Phone Text Location
934 Preview Mode Connect, But Survent Has No Phone Number — !Phone,D Without A Phone,1?
936 Shopfone Fonefile Header Has Not Been Set Or Has Been Reset To NULL
937 Failed To Open Intvrlog File With Read-Write Access
938 Rel77 Does Not Allow ‘Popup’ Questions
940 Different Caseidlen In Parent And Child Questionnaires
941 77 And 76 Blow If !Phone,S In Child Questionnaire
942 !Phone,J To Unknown Market
943 Failed To Save Data Record In Suspend
944 CAT,C And CAT,D Are Not Allowed In Web-Mode, Try FLD,I (Include_Exclude)
946 SPC,P (GETCASE) But You Already Have A Case — Maybe Use SPC,P,3/4 (WRITE_AND_QUIT/CONTINUE)
947 In Execute_Cgi_Response<>, Bad Ms Structure
948 In Execute_Cgi_Response<>, Bad Screen Structure
949 Waited More Than 30 Seconds For Server To Reply To W_GET_IVW_POS
950 PHONE,9 (START_RESUME) Not Allowed In Called Questionnaire
951 WEB_MODE Popup Questions Must Be In A Grid
952 Bad Quotafile Position Specified
953 Phone,Dialnumber But No Phone Record Has Been Delivered
954 Sound Question For A Dialer Which Does Not Have Sound Capability
955 Blended Interview Ivrblock Failed To Send Data To Server
956 Tried To Get DTMF Answer But Prompt Filename Doesn’t Exist On Asterisk Box
999 Arrived At !Endgrid But Grid Not Initialized
1105 CAT/FLD,A (USE_PREVIOUS) With + Or –
1106 Can’t Open Quotafile
1107 Quota ( Name Gotten From Data ) Doesn’t Exist Q’naire
1108 No Allowable Response To A CAT/FLD,C/D/I (INCLUDE_EXCLUDE) Question Q’naire
1109 IMPOSSIBLE Return From Findltp<> — Call Joe Weisman 541-745-5265
1110 You Cannot Execute An !Spc,U (Programmatic Suspend) Because The !Phone,9 (End Of Screener) Has Not Yet Been Executed
9901 Callback Hour When Shop Not Open Q’naire
9902 Programmatic Timed Callback Scheduled For Impossible Date/Time Q’naire