Data Utilities

Data Utilities contains features to copy and reformat data for use in other packages.

Features include:

Function Description
Data Tools Copy, sort and perform data file functions. (Copyfile functions)
Data Conversion Reformat data for use in a variety of packages. (Reformat functions)
List Data Output formatted data to view, print or save. (List function)
Listed Data
View listed data reports.
Assemble Suspends Assembles suspended interviews and writes all suspend records to one file. A TR data file will also be produced for each suspended record which can be added to existing data.
Merge Data Combines data from matching cases in two different data files. Data can be appended to the end of the case or moved to a different location. You can use MERGE to select cases from one data file without moving any data from the other file.
Delimited Data Output Reads a datafile and a DBfile and creates a comma delimited output. The output can be read into an EXCEL spreadsheet with the variable text in the fields rather than the data codes.