Un-Archive Project

Un-archiving a project will restore the project back to it’s original state into a local directory only. For test projects, you will need to run Project Setup-Test in order to rebuild the files. This will overwrite any existing test data, quota or fone files. For live projects, you will need to run Deploy-Update Live Files. This will load the files onto the server. No data, quotas or fone records will be lost or reset. Keep in mind, resume files will probably NOT work so any suspended interviews will more than likely need to be started from the beginning. For projects that have not gone live, the study.qpx will need to be uploaded or saved again from Create/Edit Questionnaire in order to be compiled and the fone file will need to be rebuilt by importing your sample again.

You can un-archive any project that you have access to and that has previously been archived. The drop down menu will show a list of studies that have been archived that you have access to.

Un-archiving the project will unzip the .zip file in the $cfmc/archive/ directory keeping the same directory structure. During the un-archive process, the quota and the fon file are recreated from their Ascii versions. Un-archiving will remove the archived zip file from your $cfmc/archive directory.

NOTE: If you are migrating active studies from an older core software version to a newer core software version, you cannot archive files from the old version and un-archive in the new version.  You will need to copy the necessary study files (qpx, aqu, ascii phone file and header file, Tr file) over to the new version and rebuild the study.

  1. Click on the Project Creation tab
  2. Click Archives
  3. Click Un-archive Project
  4. Select a study from the drop down menu
  5. Click the “Unarchive” button

Project Creation-Unarchive

Confirmation Screen

When you have successfully un-archived your project, you will receive a SUCCESS message on the screen indicating the project has been successfully un-archived.

Project Creation-Unarchive-Success