Setup Shop

Allows users to upload and/or download custom shop files for use instead of using the default files.

  1. Click on the Admin Tab
  2. Click Setup Shop
  3. Select your Environment from the drop down menu
  4. Choose which file you want to upload – browse to the file on your PC – click upload
    1. Up to 2 backup files will be created of files uploaded
      1. Backup File
      2. Second Backup File
  5. Choose which current file you want to download – click “current” to copy the current file used to your PC
    1. Current is the file the system is using

Admin-Setup Shop Files


Shop Files Available

The following shop files are available for uploading/downloading through this feature.

  • You can only upload/download one type of shop file at a time.
  • These shop files are all based on the environment that you are uploading them to.
  • If you have multiple environments, you will need to do this for each environment that you are using.
  • If you are uploading a custom file make sure that you add the id NAVA to it.
    • This is used for the Review Completes Functions under Data Analysis.
    • You no longer need to enter a special ID to use.
Shop Files Available Description
Employee File Provides interviewer information, such as IDs, names, special options, and other user supplied information.
Ttyinfo File File of device descriptions used by the Survox server.
Zonetabl.src File This spec file is the zone source file and is supplied as part of each update.
Fonestat File File that has labels displayed when showing call history statuses.
Phonedef File File of variable definitions used on SELECT statements.
Initial File File that has startup parameters read by all Survox programs.
Mentinit File Files that has startup commands affecting Mentor and the utilities.

Video on setting up shop files