Question Text

The question text follows the condition statement, if one exists, and the question label line. The text will be presented to the interviewer or respondent as you format it on the line(s). The program will wrap text that is wider than the interviewer screen, unless you specify otherwise. If the question needs more than one screen, the first screen will be presented along with a message to press Enter to continue.

Question text is optional; however, you will usually want some text to appear on the screen for data entry or display questions. Text is typed exactly as it will appear on the screen. If there is a prompt for data entry, by default it appears at the left edge and below the question text (and response list, if it exists). You can include blank lines for readability. The text ends at the question type statement.


What is your marital status?

This would display the line “What is your marital status?” on the first line of the screen.