The Admin menu enables you to create new users and specify administrative rights to user accounts. Different users can be issued different levels of security within the Survox Console.

For example, a super user may be assigned all administrative rights whereas a supervisor may only be assigned minimal rights. You can also add new clients as well as new companies allowing you to assign specific user ids to each client and company added.

Only users with the proper permissions are allowed access to the Admin Menu and it’s components.

Parameter Description
Add New User Assign custom access at different levels. When adding a new user, you can create a custom profile or assign a predefined profile type. Each profile type has it’s own security access associated with it.
Edit User Make modifications to existing user profiles. You can also use this feature to delete an existing user.
Add Security Type Create new security types and assign specific options to it. The new security type will be accessible in the drop down menu and can be assigned to new or existing users.
Edit Security Type Make modifications to existing security types. You can also use this feature to delete an existing security type.
Select Company Available only to administrators. When logging in as an administrator, you can select which company you want access to. Once choosing a company, the administrator has all access rights to that specific company.
Add Company Available only to administrators. When logging in as an administrator, you can add a single company or multiple companies.   An example of adding a company would be having a hosted machine and having multiple companies access the machine. The administrator would add a company for each and assign access rights to each. Each company is independent of one another.
Edit Company Available only to administrators. Make modifications to existing companies. You can also use this feature to deactivate a company to take it out of use.
Add Client When adding a client, you can assign users to that client as well as projects. Clients are independent of one another. One client will not have access to another client’s projects.
Edit Client Make modifications to existing clients including client details, assigned users and assigned environments. You can also use this feature to delete an existing client.
View Logs View and/or download logs files for a specific date range, a specific time range or cumulative logs.
Usage Reports View Daily or Monthly Concurrency.
Setup Shop Upload custom shop files. These can be used instead of the default files.
Qualtrics Admin Setup Setup a company and user to integrate with the Qualtrics software.  A Qualtrics license is required to be able to use this feature.

Admin Environment Table

On the Admin Overview page is an Admin Environment Table. This shows which environments are installed, which core software is installed for each environment, and which Survox Console version is installed for each environment.