IVR Studies via Command Line

These instructions assume that you already have a QPX file with the appropriate IVRBLOCK.

Blended IVR studies require you to use the GETHELDIN function to be able to check for a waiting call and connect that call to an interviewer.

Command Line Instructions

  1. Load the QPX into the <study> working directory and compile it
  2. Prepare the sample file
    1. A sample file is required for Blended and Outbound IVR studies
    2. Empty fone files are used for Inbound only studies
  3. Create and Upload the Voice Over Recordings
    1. See the IVR Sound File documentation for more information on uploading the voice over recordings
  4. Issue a loadstudy command to load the study on the study server
  5. For Inbound or Blended IVR studies, a DID number needs to be set up
    1. This instruction set assumes a single DID number for a single study
    2.  A multi study DID will require custom work in the Dial-plan and is not part of the IVR instruction set
  6. Once you have received a DID number from your carrier, it will need to be set up in the Survox Dialer Console
    1. See the Survox Dialer Console documentation for more information on how to set up the DID number
  7. Access the IVRCONTROL file by browsing to $CFMC/control subdirectory
  8. Use a text editor to edit the file to allow for the IVR study to be loaded
    1. For Inbound and Blended IVR studies the line includes the study code, study type, DID number, and the max survents.
    2. Example: ivrstudy,BLENDED,5555555552 max=10 dialer=01
    3. For an Outbound study you do not need the DID number
  9. Once the IVRCONTROL file is saved and ready, the file needs to be read into the study server
    1. This can be done on startup via a cron job
    2.  This also can be updated from the command line
      1. Start a survsupr session
      2. Issue the following command “ivrcontrolfile update”
  10. You will be able to access the Inbound or Blended study by dialing the DID number that you specified in the IVRCONTROL file
  11. For an Outbound study it will begin dialing your sample at the appropriate shop and day part times


  1. IVR runs in its own mode so you cannot set the dial configuration (.dial file) to predictive mode.
    1. Best Practice recommendation is to not risk abandons on an IVR study so 1-to-1 dialing is optimal.
  2. The only setting that has valuable meaning in a .dial file configuration for an IVR study is the number of rings.