Upload Files

Allows a user to upload the necessary files for a Mentor run; i.e. .def, .ban, .lpr, .spx etc. Data files can also be uploaded here. When uploading, it will check for the proper file extension. Keep in mind that when uploading your data file, it will NEVER replace the real data file in the $CFMC/data directory. The new data file uploaded will the placed in the /tables directory.

The difference between uploading files here and uploading files in the Project Setup tab is that the Project Setup tab deals with the upload of any study specific files; i.e. cosmetic changes, questionnaire changes, sample files. Uploading files through the Data Analysis tab is strictly for post processing files and for reporting.

Report specific files include:

File Types Description
Table/Report Related Files Files include banners, tabulations and definitions files
Look and Feel Files Files used to help create the report “look”. Such files include css, html, etc.
Images Used for cosmetic design of reports
Post Processing Files Cleaning files used for post processing


  1. Click on the Data Analysis Tab
  2. Click on Upload Files
  3. Select a study from the drop down menu
  4. Click the browse button and navigate to the file(s) on your machine that you wish to upload
    1. You can upload up to 5 files at a time
    2. If a duplicate file is found, you have the option to automatically overwrite that file or choose to be prompted before overwriting
    3. The default upload limits are currently set to a maximum single file size of 8M, a total for the page of 16M and an overall memory limit of 16M (See below for instructions to increase this limit)
    4. You can upload a compressed file with a .zip extension
    5. The file will automatically be unzipped and checked for proper extension
    6. Files need to be in all lowercase
    7. Files need to have an extension which also need to be in lowercase
    8. If the file has a .qpx extension, it will check to make sure your studycode matches the studycode defined during your Project Creation step
  5. Click the “Upload File(s)” button

Upload Limits

The default upload limits are currently set to a maximum single file size of 8M, a total for the page of 16M and an overall memory limit of 16M. If you are having trouble uploading or need your upload limits increased please contact your Network Admin and follow the instructions below.

 Increasing Upload Limits

The maximum file upload size is a .php configuration variable found in /etc/php.ini. Somebody with root access to your machine will have to edit your php.ini file to change these limitations.

The relevant lines to edit are:

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 2M

; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept. post_max_size = 8M

memory_limit = 16M

Supported Table Extensions


Supported Reporting Extensions


Supported Verbatim Extensions


Supported On-Demand Extensions