V10.2.6+ System Requirements

RAM 12 GB (Study Server Only)  24GB (Study Server and Dialer)
Storage 150GB Hard Drive (software requires 50GB) + 100GB SSD (Dialer)
CPU Min. Production System Dual Quad Core 2.5GHZ or Virtualized Equivalent
Dialer Asterisk Version Tested Against Asterisk 16.8 Cert 3
Operating System RHEL v7, CentOS 7.5+ or Oracle Linux V7
Additional Software PHP 8.1 or higher, other dependencies are installed by the installer.


Survox is currently supported in most virtualization environments. Production systems have been tested in Amazon AWS and minimal tests have been run in Google Cloud and on VMWare ESXI.  Other environments that meet the minimum requirements should work but have not been tested.


Most commercial server (i.e. Supermicro, HP, Dell, etc.) machines on the market should be more than sufficient to run and host the full Survox software suite.

Backwards Compatibility

We ship 32-bit binaries regardless of the end-system architecture. Most 64-bit systems will run 32-bin applications, but you may need to install 32-bit libraries. For CentOS, you can install them with “yum install compat-\*” and “yum install libacl.i686” (you’ll need to be root to do so). There may be other individual libraries that the Survox software requires that also need to be installed, and those will be dealt with.

PHP 8.1 Upgrade/Install Help

In order to help you get php 8.1 installed on CentOS 7 we are providing the following instructions as a reference.

Install php:

yum install php php-mysql php-curl php-cli

Turn on Remi repo:

yum install http://rpms.remirepo.net/enterprise/remi-release-8.rpm

Install yum-utils packages:

yum install yum-utils

Use yum-config-manger to enable remi-php74:

yum-config-manager --enable remi-php81

Run yum update:

yum update

Once complete you can check the php version with:

php --version