Inbound DID

Inbound and Blended IVR studies need to be setup to answer calls.

  • A single DID number per study is allowed
  • The DID number is defined in the Survox Dialer Console under Status & Configuration – Inbound  DID Configuration
  • Choose the next available DID box and enter a 10-digit number
  • Choose IVR in the drop down menu next to the entered number
  • Click on the Save Settings button to save the information and reload the system to allow the inbound DID number to function.
  • Configure the inbound DID number in the IVRCONTROL file in the Survox Console or edit the file via command line if you are not using the Survox Console.

inbound did

active IVR studies

For more information see the IVR Studies in the Survox Console documentation.