Ways to Add phone records to a live fone file

There are several ways to add phone records to a live fone file.

PHONE_ADD_RAW_SAMPLE allows loading of raw sample like FONEBULD.

The syntax for the PHONE_ADD_RAW_SAMPLE command is:

PHONE_ADD_RAW_SAMPLE <study> <file to add>

The program will add all the valid numbers and print a summary of the records read, added and discarded. Numbers that are invalid are also displayed on the screen with an error code. The error codes are the same codes returned using the!PHONE,ADD_NEW_NUMBERstatement to add sample.

If you specified a “rejects_to_file” filename when the phone file was built in FONEBULD, any invalid records will be saved in that file as well for later processing.

You can add converted sample to a job while the study is live.

The syntax for the PHONE_ADD_CONVERTED_SAMPLE is:

PHONE_ADD_CONVERTED_SAMPLE <study> <file to add>

The program expects the file to be a file that was converted from an existing .fon file using mentor or foneutil’s “convert” option. Rejected records willbe saved in the file <study>.rej.

To add a single record using a Mentor spec: Attached is a spec calledADDPHONEREC.QPXthat will show how to add a single phone number to the live fone file and use it immediately during interviewing. This is an application of the !PHONE,ADD_NEW_NUMBER statement.

To add multiple records using a Mentor spec:Attached is a spec calledPHONEADD.QPXthat will show how to add multiple phone numbers to the live fone file and use them immediately during interviewing.

  • phoneadd.qpx
  • addphonerec.qpx