10.2.1 Enhancements

Includes all 8.8.21 Enhancements.

Below is the list of enhancements by program for version 10.2.1

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Survox Console

Enhancements to Survey Composer (10.2.1 Only)

New options have been added to the Survey Composer to allow for a more feature rich experience.

• Added “CATI-ONLY” option to single and multi response questions to select what responses appear in online surveys as opposed to CATI surveys.

• Added a slider questions type.

• Ability to compose a more mobile friendly questionnaire.

• Control of Drop Down vs Checkbox for questions with a large response list.

• Net Promoter score sliding scale.

• Multimedia question type allows you to add images, video or audio quickly to online survey.

• Additional options for more advance IF logic.

Enhancements to Survox Console Security

For security compliance password management was enhanced to allow for a configurable password policy. Allow ing you to specify minimum character, require specific or special characters and mixed case. It also allows for a password expiration date.

  • On the add company page, you can set the password policy.  Policy includes
    • require mixed case
    • require one or more numbers
    • require one or more symbols
    • password expiration and grace period
  • When creating users, there’s now a password prompt.
  • There is a separate button on the edit user page to change the password.
  • If you login after the password is set to expire but before the grace period is past, then you are prompted for a new password.
  • If the password policy changes such that your password doesn’t meet the new requirements, then you are prompted to change it at your next login.
  • If you login after the password is set to expire plus the extra grace period, you are told your password has expired and to notify the admin.

Third Party data collection theme.

A new theme that more easily allows for data collection through a third party has been added.

If applied to a cati study, it will run the survent interview in one frame and an external data collection package in another.  The theme is a new-style dynamic theme, and the data collection URL that is used can be specified under Project Setup > Modify Web Options > Modify Index Page.

If the questionnaire has the right code in it, survent will be used to drive sample and when a respondent is connected the data collection package will be loaded into the other frame.  If the data collection package can be set up to redirect at the end of the interview, then data can be passed back to survent. Please contact survox support for a sample spec that works with the third party data collection theme.

Log file and Archive Management Tools

A new addition to the Survox console is the ability to now setup a configuration file for cleaning up logs and archive files.  Allowing you to delete and clear up disk space when needed.  The clean up option is located in the Survox Console admin menu.

Caller ID List Management

A new option has been added in Manage-> Shop and Server -> Caller ID Lists.  Here you can upload a list of caller ID’s that can then be assigned to your shopwide.dial file or set to be used on a specific study.  The list is a simple ascii file with the different caller ID on each line up to 1000 numbers.


System Statements

The !system statement has been updated to now add an additional option to store the stdout into a data location or label.  Please see the system statement documentation for new sub option and examples.

IVR Response Block Options

The !ivr_response block option allow_interupt, has an additional value option. This option can now be set to Yes, No or After_First.  After First allows the list to be interrupted after the first time it is read.

Rotating response lists in IVR

A new exciting feature for IVR is the ability to rotate the response list within a field question.

New SPC subtype TERM for IVR

In IVR you can now use a !SPC,TERM to jump to the terminate block.

New variable for INBOUND IVR Studies

A new variable X_SURVOX works much like the ANI and DNIS variables for inbound IVR studies and allows for data in the SIP header to be pulled into Survent and used to drive logic and or store for reporting.  For this to function the originating service or carrier would need to add a X-SURVOX header to the SIP call passing in data up to 100 characters. You can then parse that in Survent and use the data as needed.


Barge and Whisper when Monitoring

When monitoring a call via the *79 option you can now whisper and barge on the call.   Whisper allows you to talk to the interviewer but the respondent will not hear what you say.  Barge allows the supervisor to barge in on the call and talk to both the respondent and the interviewer at the same time.  To use this feature you need to be running version 10.2 on your dialer.

  • Dialing 5 while monitoring executes whisper mode.
  • Dialing 6 while monitoring executes barge mode.
  • Dialing 4 returns you to listen only mode.

This feature is available as a dialplan patch in 8.8.21 but will only be supplied after a signed document specifying an upgrade path to 10.2 within the following 2 months.

Enhanced Caller ID list.

You can now provide a list of Caller ID numbers that will be rotated through by the dialer as calls are made. (See Survox Console enhancements for information on management of the list)

Use PJSIP with Asterisk 16+

Starting with 10.2.1 we now provide support for using PJSIP with asterisk 16 and the 10.2.1 version of the Survox dialer.  This provides for newer SIP based features such as dynamic IP addressing and firewall traversal.