How to use a ZSPC statement within a Survent spec

The attached spec MENTORINSURVENT.QPXuses a zspc to run Mentor inside of Survent.

>purgesame~prep compile -specs[MentorinSurvent,,"Zspc for running Mentor"]{ Q1:Dummy question!Variable }''Store Program File Name you want to run in Data (Use Full Name){ Program: .26/cfmc/ver88/go/mentor!Special,Save_Text_Line_To_Data }''Any Arguments for the run. In the case of Mentor''Arg1 is the specfile''Arg2 is the listfile,''other args would be specwid, core, etc.{ Argument: .30input -output!Special,Save_Text_Line_To_Data }''Retrun code so can look to see why it failed{ RetCode: Hide!Variable }''MAGIC ZSPC that runs Mentor (if this is a long Mentor job, you will sit''here until it finishes. This does not run in the background.{ QZSPC:!Zspc,12,1,[RetCode],[Program],[Argument] }{ Q2:Dummy Question at End. Did this run?!Variable }~End

  • mentorinsurvent.qpx