How to “loop” through a series of questions without using a loop structure

The !loop structure is deprecated as the process was hard to understand and the resultant data was difficult to report on.

These are the things to be aware of:

  1. Use a >repeat to set up the number of times you want to go through the block of questions.
  2. Use a Goto to skip out out of the block once the number of responses to the controlling question has been reached.
  3. Optional: Use an spc,9 to store the response code from the controlling question with each iteration. This might make processing the data on the back end easier.
  4. Use the #(label) to reference the text from the controlling quesiton as opposed to :label which you would have used in a loop.
  5. Optional; Use a hidden Var at the bottom of the block to create extra data columns that are not used in the original design. This makes it much easier to later on add additional questions into the block.

See the attachment home_made_loop.qpx for a working example.

  • home_made_loop.qpx