Examples of Coding Specs

Attached are a few files that will help in creating coding questionnaires depending on what the need is.

CODING1.QPX/ORIGINAL1.QPX is an example shell for a coding mode questionnaire, where each coder wants to code one question at a time. Original1.qpx is the original spec file with 4 open ended TEXT questions. See the file CODING1.QPX for the codingmode questionnaire that goes with this file. You can enter in a few data cases, or use Random Data Generation to build a file to code.

CODING2.QPX/ORIGINAL2.QPX is an example coding mode questionnaire that can be easily modified to code all the questions in any study. Original2.qpx is the original spec file from which CODING2.QPX was derived.

CODE.ZIP contains files for the CODE utility. This creates a list of the open end text responses for a question or set of questions that can be coded directly in the list using an editor and read into your .TR data file upon completion. Only 1 coder may work on the list at a time. CODE.SPX is the control file used by CODE to tell it the study and questions to act on and load the new codes into the data file. FLDQ.QPX is a sample questionnaire that you can build and run RDG data on to test this.

CODEEDIT.ZIP contains files for the CODEEDIT utility. This is similar to AUTCD.SPX in that it generates a coding questionnaire from an original, but has the added feature that it allows editing and it builds the codelists from the controlling question for “other specify” questions.

It has the following options:

  1. Code or Edit a particular question (“next” case or you say the case),
  2. Code or Edit all questions on a case, or
  3. Say which case to Code or Edit each time.

The program builds a control file which can be used to add codes as you go, and allows coding while the study is live.

AUTCD.SPX reads a DBfile from a live questionnaire to create a file that can be compiled to make an open-end codingmode questionnaire. You need to have standard question name extensions for this to work.

CREATE_CODEQPX.SPX is an example spec that reads variables from a db file made from a compiled questionnaire and creates a shell codingmode questionnaire.

CREATE_EDITQPX.SPX is an example spec that reads an existing DBfile and creates a shell editing questionnaire. You can setup a pattern to do only certain questions with a like label name, and/or define a suffix that will treat other responses differently than true open ends.

  • coding2.qpx
  • original2.qpx
  • original1.qpx
  • create_editqpx.spx
  • create_codeqpx.spx