Call Questionnaire Example

The spec CALLSUBQFFS.QPX is an example spec that allows you to create sub-questionnaires that are called by this questionnaire. Thesesub-questionnaires (children) can be called as many times as needed on a given survey.

For instance, if you asking people about banks they use. You could create an over all demographic questionnaire (Household) and it calls a questionnaire for each person in the household (People) and then have this questionnaire call another questionnaire for each Bank that this person might use.

There is no effective limit to the number of levels or call questionnaires used in a single study. We have tested 100 sub-questionnaires with up to 5 levels deep.

Make sure that you do a !SPECIAL,ASSIGN_NEXT_CASEID before the first call question so that a Case ID number is assigned for this respondent. This is necessary to tie by all the child interviews to the original parent.

You can use the local scratch area to pass data from the parent to/from any child. If you do this, be sure to blank the local scratch at the top or bottom of the parent questionnaire.

This particular program creates 3 different QFF files: CALLSUBQFFS, MENTORCHILD, and SURVENTCHILD. CALLSUBQFFS calls the other two. You can execute the sub QFFs as many times as you need in one parent interview. There are some counters displayed in the interview so you can see how data is passed through the local scratch area.

  • callsubqffs.qpx