Portal for the Survox Dialer

The Survox Dialer Console is a secured online application designed to work with the Survox Dialer and Survox software platform. The Console is a configuration/administration tool used to setup and control dialer functions. The Dialer Console also allows you when not using the Survox Console to monitor interviewers as a supervisor or with an entire group of people listening in from multiple locations, view and search CDRs (call detail records) of the backend PBX, quickly see agent status in the dialer dashboard, and access recordings made on the dialer.

Overview of Options

Once logged in you will have a menu with many options.

Account Administration

  • User Administration
    • Add/Edit Users – Used to add and manage console users.
  • Company Administration
    • Add/Edit Companies – Used to add and manage multiple companies.

Dashboards and Monitoring

  • Audio Monitoring
    • Allows you to monitor any agent logged into the dialer by entering the agent number. For point and click monitoring please see Survox Audio Monitoring under the Survox Console.
  • Dialer Dashboard
    • The Survox Dialer Dashboard is a read-only utility which interfaces with the dialer.  The dialer dashboard allows you to obtain real time information regarding the current status or state of campaigns/studies/projects and agents/interviewers that are utilizing the dialer.

Logs and CDR (Admin and Supervisor Only)

  • Asterisk CDR – Call Detail Record of the PBX system.
  • Asterisk Stats – Basic call statistics graphs.
  • Dialer Logs – Log files for dialer.

Sound File Browser

  • Access sounds files that have been recorded on the dialer or upload files.  Upload is only allowed to the asterisk_sounds area.

Status and Configuration

  • Dialer System Status
    • Shows status of dialer interface and Asterisk; also allows you to start and stop the dialer. (If using Survox Console the option to start and stop the dialer is not in the dialer console.)
  • Asterisk Configuration
    • Configuration for the Asterisk system, agents, trunks, outbound default CID, etc.
  • DID Configuration
    • Inbound DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers set to go to the IVR or Agent Login.
  • Dialer Configuration
    • Edit dialer configuration settings and validation string.
  • Call Routing Configuration
    • Create or edit existing groups and routes to control trunk usage
  • Console Configuration
    • Configuration options for the console.