Supervisor Commands

The Survox Dialer will respond to the following supervisor commands.

Stop, Pause, and Resume dialing commands can be issued either via the Survox Console or command line.  The Set Dialer command is only available via the command line.

  • Stop Dialing – The stop dialing command will tell the dialer to stop dialing on a particular study.
    • Example: stopdialing bank1
    • Dialing will then be stopped on bank1 until you tell the system is restarted or the study is cleared and reloaded.
  • Pause Dialing – The pause dialing command will tell the dialer to pause all dialing on a particular study.
    • Example: pausedialing bank1
    • Dialing will be paused on bank1 until a resume is issued or the system is restarted.
  • Resume Dialing – The resume dialing command tells the system to start dialing again after a pause.
    • Example: resumedialing bank1
    • Dialing will be resumed on bank1 if the study had been paused.
  • Set Dialer – This allows you to change some of the study specific dialer configuration variables that you have in your .dial file.

Available Parameters

  • Number of rings (number_rings) before being set to ‘no answer’.  Values can be from 1 to 8
    • Example setdialer bank1 number_rings=4
    • This will set the number of rings on study bank1 to 4
  • Abandonment Rate (nuisance) is the target # of calls to drop per 10000 connects.  Values can be from 0 to 300.
    • Example: setdialer bank1 abandonment_rate=300
    • This will set the abandonment rate on bank1 to 300
  • Answering machine (have_ans_machine) detection tells the system how to handle answering machine detection.  Values are Yes/NO/IVR.
    • Example: setdialer bank1 have_ans_machine=y
    • This will set the answering machine detection on bank1 to on 
  • Record whole interview (record_whole) tells the system to turn on (Yes) or off (No) whole recording.
    • Example: setdialer  bank1 record_whole=Y
    • This will set record whole interview to on
  • Get help
    • Example: setdialer help
    • Prints the help screen belownumber_rings: # of times to ring before calling it a ‘no answer’
      A number between 1 and 8

      nuisance: target # of calls to drop per TEN thousand numbers dialed
      A number between 0 and 999

      have_ans_machine: Whether to detect answering machines
      Y(es), N(o) or IVR(connect)

      (record_whole) : Whether to record the whole interview
      Y(es) or N(o)