Completes Report

The Completes report is a basic productivity report that displays the total number of sessions, the total number of completes, total number of minutes and then calculates the average minutes per complete. You can use this report to track interviewer as well as study information across specific time periods.

  1. Click on the Project Tracking Tab
  2. Click Session Reports
  3. Click Completes Report
  4. Select the environment from the drop down menu
  5. Click the “Go” button
  6. Select Row to report on: Interviewer, Study or Dates
    1. If Interviewer is selected, choose the interviewers from the drop down menu, then select a date or date range to report on
    2. If Study is selected, choose the studies from the drop down menu, then select a date or date range to report on
    3. If Dates are selected, select a date or date range to report on
  7. Select Sort by: Interviewer, Study or Dates
  8. Select the date range to report on
  9. Click the “Run Report” button
  10. If the report already exists, a popup menu will appear asking you if you want to overwrite the report. Click the “Overwrite” button to overwrite it or the “Cancel” button to cancel the report creation
  11. The report will popup in a separate window
  12. You can download the completes.html report as a zipped file


Report Information

The Completes report includes the following information:

Variable Description
Dates/Interviewers/Studies Date ranges/Interviewers/Studies specified
Total Sessions Number of sessions
Total Completes Total number of completes
Total Minutes Total number of minutes
Average Minutes per Complete (Total Minutes/Total Completes)