Current Call Scheduling

The Current Call Scheduling report shows various sample information screens. These screens are for information purposes only and cannot be modified.

  1. Click on the Project Tracking Tab
  2. Click Sample
  3. Click Current Call Scheduling
  4. Select an environment from the drop down menu
  5. Click the “Go” button
  6. The reports will display on the screen

Call Scheduling Status (Phone Screen A)
This screen displays a cross between time zones and categories for system scheduled numbers. The horizontal axis is divided into the different times zones for the study while the vertical axis is divided into the ten different categories. The values in the table represent the total numbers that satisfy both the time zone and category depending on the cell in the table. Each cell in the table also has a corresponding stack.



Phone Parameters (Phone Screen B)
This screen displays the current calling parameters of a study.



Timed Calls Today Summary (Phone Screen C)
This screen displays the timed numbers scheduled for today by half hour and hourly counts.



System Calls Summary (Phone Screen D)
This screen displays how soon calls will be available in each of the system callback stacks.



Timed Calls Scheduled After Today (Phone Screen E)
This screen displays any timed calls scheduled in the next 7 days.



Call Availability (Phone Screen G)
This report displays how soon calls will be available in each of the system callback stacks.