Live Study

The Live Study Dashboard displays study statistics for live projects. This gives you access to study information such as interviewing times, sample information and interviewer productivity. The Live Study Dashboard screen is a “snapshot” view of activity. It will update every 5 seconds. All fields are sortable.

  1. Click on the Project Tracking Tab
  2. Click Dashboards
  3. Click Live Study
  4. The report will display in a separate popup window




Report Information

The Live Study Dashboard includes the following information:

Parameter Description
Study Name of the study
Session Total time on a study including
Active Amount of time that interviewers have been ACTIVE (dialing,collecting data or in an interview)
Nivr Total interviewers dialing including live interviewers and interviewers in practice/training mode
Nlive Number of interviewers collecting real data
Ntrain Number of interviewers in practice mode(not collecting real data)
Nstart Indicates how many interviewer starts per study
Ncmplt Shows number of completed interviews per study
Compl/Hr Shows completes per hour. Calculation: (Number of Completes/Session Time x 60)